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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hugs, Hugs, and more Hug's!

Have you hugged someone today? Hugging imparts power to those in need. It energizes the recipient. It is an natural antidote, and actually very good and healthy for you.  Hugs helps us both mentally and physically. It's like medicine it can actually takes away pain. Think for a moment of how you feel when your are hugged. Its a good feeling and most often a welcomed thing. And after it you feel better and usually have a smile or look of happiness on your face. In most instances you give a hug you get a hug.  But sometime you just need a hug. The power of touching is so strong. And for whatever the reason, hugging is always a good thing. There are some in society who were raised without a lot of affection and find hugging AWKWARD!  Don't take it personal. Respect their space and over time you may win them over with a very brief friendly hug. There are so many reasons for hugging as well as so many that could be made up for giving a hug. The list is endless and too numerous to mention. A hug can be given to everyone we encounter. From our babies and everyone in between to our lovers.  We even hug strangers if circumstances calls for it. Did you know the origin of hug is to soothe. The dictionary defines it as holding someone close. So we can say hugging means to soothe by holding close.   That in itself is an awesome definition.  So if it's in or power to do something good for someone, let's give them a hug.  Especially our dear loved one's. Hugging will help to confirm our love for them and leave them with a warm and fuzzy feeling.  So if you haven't hugged someone today, make it a point and Oh! What a feeling!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Self Improvement!

2016, another new year. Wow, time is fun when you having flying! I mean time flies when you having fun! Are you having fun yet? Sometimes you stop and really wonder or not just how much fun you are having if any. 2016, can you believe it? Just yesterday seems like the year 2000 was fast approaching, but  that was sixteen years ago.  Now that a new year has arrived and  many are thinking about their new resolves  of what they are planning to do, make or change in their life.  Have you resolved  to do anything different?  Have all your previous resolves come to pass or failed?  Don't be discouraged, a new year can be likened to a new day. Take one day at a time, begin again as often as you need too.  As long as you and as often as you start over your effort will get stronger and stronger. Rome wasn't built in a day as the saying goes. So it just means that whatever things we need to change or make different in our life will take time. We may experience setbacks, that's normal. Just remember that it is persistence is the key. Never give up the trying to do any good to self or others. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. This applies to everyone, but unfortunately, we can only work on or change our self. Sometimes if we makes changes for the better in our self, it brings out the best in others.  If you try and don't succeed, try try again! Remember that saying we were all taught as a child? I still recall it and have been forced to live by it. Our inherent imperfections will forever keep us at the trying to do good, get better, change or whatever the case maybe. So resolve to be your best. You can achieve that this year, just by never giving up. Don't throw in the towel on self improvement. This year can be the best year ever, one day at a time!