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Monday, April 11, 2016

Remember The Golden Rule!

Ahhh Yes! The golden rule, What is it again?! " Do Onto Others AS You Would Like Them To Do Unto You! Why is this so difficult to remember? Or better yet, why is this so difficult to do? We all want others to treat us good. Did you know that one definition of Golden is having talents that promise great success? It's true. But also anything golden is not easy to acquire. Take Golden Anniversary for instance, That's fifty years, that's nearly a life time with someone.  How bout gold?  Very difficult or expensive to acquire. But when we think of the golden rule, its just simply the way we treat another individual. Very difficult also, because its human nature to get even  or to exact punishment when we find ourselves offended. We forget the golden rule and it becomes "Do Onto Others AS They Do Onto you." This way could lead to disaster. It's very important to remember the complete rule and add "As You Would Like Them To Do To You".  This should be our first endeavor out the gate. I have to admit it's been  very difficult for me too.  What I have learned as an extraordinary person is that when we follow this simple and basic rule of treating others the way we want to be treated, it leads to success and happiness just as the definition promises. Even in our day to day dealings with strangers. When we extend kindness, we receive kindness in return.  Generally life gives us like for like. I'm not saying we will never be taken advantage of or mistreated, because in this crooked and twisted world, we could just find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And as a result some negative unforeseen thing takes place. But certainly you have heard of Murphy's Law?  That states what goes around comes around. Which means all that you are dishing out is what you gonna get back generally. So if you are kind, you will receive kindness in return, or rude you will get rudeness in return. Remember its the way we would like to be treated is how we treat others. We all make mistakes and have to retract a remark or a certain behavior.  But trying honestly to practise the golden rule on a daily basis I have learned does enhance our lives. This constantly something I have to remind myself of. I just wanted to share it with you. So remember the golden rule, it goes like this: DO ONTO TO OTHERS  AS YOU WOULD LIKE THEM TO DO ONTO YOU YOU! Our lives will be much better for it.