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Monday, December 28, 2015

That's Entertainment!!

To be young again !! Just goes to show our minds never change. We long for the same things we did yesterday, today and tomorrow. That's no matter how how old we get. We look back and we all smile on our youth.  If it were not for our ability to do things that changes we would still be living young! The fountain of youth will forever remain in our hearts. Never let it go, safeguard it. it's the part of youth we can for now keep forever. LIVE YOUNG!!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Overcoming Animosity

Dealing successfully with our enemies is a challenge worthy of conquering. While it is no easy task because we have to deal with our own resentment and humiliation, it can be done. We don't ever get even with our enemies.  Reflecting back on how I handled these kind of situations left a lot be desired. I didn't have enough modesty or as last talked about  humility. Did I mention maturity?  But little did I know that the most important lessons needed to be learned would come later in life.  An important reason why the young should listen to the older or should I say the extraordinary people. We could save them years of grief and discontentment. Diplomacy is something that we should all practice not only in business, but also in life in our relationships. I once heard it said" Cede an inch, Cinch a mile." How true that is. We need to rise above things and follow it up with kindness.  Envy and jealousy eats us up from the inside. We allow our enemies rent free space inside of us and they cause a lot of internal damage. Evict them in sense. How?  By choosing kindness instead. Look for it in places you never expect to see it. Your enemy. Repay meanness back with kindness. It really is truly an old old principle. And goes alone with the golden rule  do to others as you want them to do to you. Same principle really.  So one sure way to overcome bad blood is to ignore it. Act like you don't even notice it exist. Show kindness instead. This is not to say you should not apologize or make amends because we should and move forward. But don't make matters worse by putting on display the advantages we may have. I've learned that humility and modesty so very important. Overcoming and dealing with animosity will ensure a longer healthier extraordinary life!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Rewards of Humility!

It's hard to be humble when you are as great as I am!  Just joking. The greatest that walks among us today are humble. In fact, there is no true greatness without humility. Having humility makes us great. It's a a characteristic that is greatly admired in an individual. Humility assures success.  This lowly quality, I found very difficult to attain. It wasn't until I came into constant association with an individual who was truly humble that I was able to see the depth and the richness of this quality. Why is it so difficult for people in general to practice this quality?  At one time I used to think it was better to be or feel important until I learned that life is better lived humbly. I felt that nice guys finish last as they say. They do finish last, but not necessarily in last place.  Having the attitude of humility generally works best because we can have things or circumstances in our life that humbles us or knocks us down a notch or two. This can be quite disheartening. You know a humble person is never knocked down. He expects what he gets and believes in himself enough to keep trying. He recognizes the balances in business, behaviors and relationships, not to mention his own limitations or weaknesses. He takes the low place and knows that he could only be invited in one direction or one way to go and that is up. His consideration shown to others makes you want to put him in an elevated and important position. A humble person is the kind of people we are truly attracted too. They are the ones we want to work for.  Because they are grateful for everything you do.  While they are being served, they insist on helping. They believe  you are important and endeavor to make you feel that way.  In turn you strongly admire them and their way. Compliments roll off of them and return to you. They love your company, even if its not good. they have the ability to see and understand people, things or situations clearly and intelligently. Because with humility comes discernment. There are truly rewards to being humble. A worthwhile quality to reach for. Yes, it's greatness that's comes with humility. So if we want to be great, we have to be humble!

Monday, December 14, 2015

A Winning Attitude

ATTITUDE IS  EVERYTHING especially if its a winning one.  But what is a winning attitude? This for me was probably the hardest and longest lesson learned as an extraordinary person. And guess what? It requires constant and daily adjustment on our part. It can make or break us. It can even save our lives. It's a simple thing but yet it can be so complicated some times. Therefore, our attitude is something we need to give serious attention. It's like a habit in general. We need to develop good habits.  If our attitude is good overall, we will thrive and fair much better. If it's tainted in any way or need adjustment we will have much more anxiety and stress. We need to cultivate the right attitude in not only relationships with others but other aspects of life as well.  I have found that no matter what problem I was enduring, that it only became easier to cope with once  I changed my attitude regarding it. The problem didn't seem as surmounting or overwhelming as it had been before.  There have even been times when I no longer considered it a problem. The saying is true, life is only 10 percent of what happens to us, but 90 percent how we respond to it. It's our attitude. Our attitude can change everything. Although it be a simply said  thing and not easily done. Therefore we need to make minor adjustments daily until they become habitual. The right attitude can eliminate certain problems entirely. Its true a winning attitude is a positive one. So as extraordinary people we need to do what it takes to maintain a winning attitude at all costs. Let go of what bothered you yesterday. Get a new attitude today. Remember change your attitude, change your life!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Being Grateful

Having an attitude of gratitude is just as important today as it will be going forward. Showing ourselves grateful and thankful is something we should make a life long goal. It should also be a daily practice. Something of utmost importance to remember is we can never move backwards. We can never take back something we wish had never occurred, but we can move forward doing better. Yesterday was the past, tomorrow is the future, today is a gift, that's why it is called the present. We want to be thankful for this gift.  We want to express love and kindness as well as appreciation to those who are a part of our present and close to us that need to feel and know it. Tomorrow is promised to no one. This may not always be simple to do but must be done. Life is so uncertain, as the saying goes : Here today, gone tomorrow! Many people speak of a future time as though its a promise. But the fact remains, we have the present, life can change from one moment to the next. Sadly the other day I watched a man on  T.V. on the one year anniversary of his wife's death pass out cards to virtual stranger's telling them they were loved and special. He outwardly admitted that he felt bad because during the time his wife was alive, He never showed love, appreciation and gratitude for her that he should have.  He appeared to be a really nice man.  Also  he told the world now what a wonderful loving, generous and caring person she had been in her life to other's. Some people was moved to tears, as I was also.  I guess somehow doing this helped ease the guilt of his conscience he must have felt for not being the person for her should or could have been.  Although he told the world, apparently, She never knew. How sad.  We don't always get second chance's. Sometimes we get what we deserve, and sometimes we just get what we get.  Life is best lived with fewest regret;'s as possible. As a reminder to myself and other's, be grateful, show love and appreciation in the present.  Let others in our life know now while they are alive and can appreciate just how they are regarded and how we feel about them. Remember now is the time. Don't let the world know, let them know.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hearing & Listening

Listening is an art. It's kinda funny, many people feel they have this particular quality nailed. But in actually, not many of us have learned this  quality or  practice it the way we think we do. Also it is so important most times when we talk to people, we really need them to listen to what we are saying, especially in close relationships. Life has taught me  from personal experience that probably only one person out of ten people  we talk too are actually listening to what we say.  They may be hearing it, but not listening to it.  Do you agree with that? The one comment a person can make to me that tells me that they are not listening is "I heard you. "  That reply tells me first hand hearing only. This applies especially to our spouse ,children, family. Yes, typically to those who need to be not only hearing but  listening.  We are trying to convey our thoughts, feelings and even motives and even teaching. However there are others, outside these circles who fall into the hearing but not really listening category also whom we deal with in our life that really need to be listening.  There are so many other matters of importance we need to deal with in our life.  Yes, our health and welfare. The doctor,we tell them many things, did you ever walk away saying to yourself, "He completely ignored me, or they never heard a word I said!" Down to even going through the drive thru at a fast  food restaurant.  It's something we really need to pay attention too. It's a two way street.  Do we listen when others talk?  Because as I said it can affect our very lives and of those whom we love as well as relationships.  But it's not our fault people don't listen. What can we do to get people,to listen to what we say? There are ways we can get more of a listening ear of most.  I've learned that we cannot talk to anyone if we are angry, they tend to feel the wrath but never listen to whats being said , it's like the anger is a distraction. So we always need to be calm, not that this has worked for me every time, because we all lose our cool sometime. Yep me too. We need their attention, one sure way is to have it is  eye to eye contact with whom ever we are speaking, children spouse, doctor, etc.  We need to speak at a moderate pace. Our voice need to be low or at least match the topic we are discussing.  If a thought to an idea or response is interjected, we need to remain silent until it is complete. Our words need to be the choicest, and tactfully delivered. Never talk to a persons back, or share attention with a T.V. or book etc. your conversation will be less effective. And I guarantee they will never listen to your speech.  Take your leave till a more convenient time.   I always like to share my life learning tips  and reflections with you.  It's been my experience when I practice these tips, I have had my best communication possible with those I've needed.   Hearing  and listening is something we can all improve in. Hope you find these tips helpful!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

For Your Entertainment!

Dancing is something that makes us all feel good. The one common emotion connected with dancing is happiness.   We enjoy dancing  as well as watching others do it. Dancing like love is universal.  It sends the exact same message each time it's displayed.  Its feeling transcends all national boundaries. In this descriptive song by Pharrel Williams, Happy, we all get happy when we hear it and it makes us want to dance because we are happy!  It moves us to be happy. Have you danced today? Enjoy this short entertaining video as a change of pace and on a lighter side.  Remember if we allow our selves to be happy, we will dance! When we are happy we thrive!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Goal Setting!

Goals, something so very important to me. Ive blogged on this before. I believe that if goal setting is not taken seriously, it can have a negative effect on what we could actually achieve. Although it's  a long journey of something we set out for. A long arduous road with typically many obstacles or challenges. Some are easy to overcome, some are difficult and then there are the ones that seem outright impossible. We can liken it to a trip of many miles. It all begins with the first one. As long as we continue  on our mission will be eventually accomplished.  There may be challenges, we may be travelling in the winter. But in spite of the challenges that beset us, goals are still obtainable and should continue to be set. With this in mind,  do you have any goals that you have abandoned?  How bout the one's you are working on? Have circumstances in your life caused you to forfeit something you really wanted to do?  If so, why not re-think what ever it was you have cast aside and consider putting it back on the table. Goal's are reachable. What do we need on our side that despite of the obstacles we face we can overcome them? A strong focal point, that center of concentration. There are always gonna be distractions and other things going on in life that will be there. When we lose our center of focus, we sink.  As an illustration, picture your self in a crowd, the one person you want to get to is at the head of the crowd, the crowd is noisy and moving to and fro, things are going on etc. because of our peripheral vision we can see it all, it all there on the side of what we are looking at.  If you stop for one moment and start to look at the stuff that's distracting you on the sidelines, you are gonna lose sight (even if for a moment) of the person at the head of the crowd you re trying to get too and you may never gain sight of him again or at least for a time. This happens to all of us. In order to obtain our goals we have to keep the main thing the main thing. We have to block out that peripheral vision so to speak. Act like its not there. It may take a while, but where there is life there is hope.  Age has little to do with it.  Because It's been done. Regain your focus to accomplish that life long goal you always wanted too. Set new goals. I know it can be done and YOU can do it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Anniversary!! 1 Year!!

Happy Anniversary to me, Happy  Anniversary to me!! Today marks the first anniversary of my  "Over 50 and Extraordinary"  blog. October 21, 2014.  So too all those whoe have shared that last year with me: Happy Anniversary!!  To all my followers, It's been a wonderful year of reflecting, learning and excitement together with you.  Thank you for being there and, allowing me to vent. I hope you have enjoyed some of my venting.   In celebration over the last year I have been creating my own inspirational quotes.  The  things I have learned and shared over the last year. Here's is one for each month since the start. I hope you enjoy them. It's my year in a nutshell.  My own reflections in  inspirational  quotes:

October- Dreams are just imagined realities in your heart waiting to become real in your life!

November- Hope is realizing and believing the best is yet to be.

December- Humility means allowing yourself to be at a disadvantage and enjoying it.

January- Patience will keep us from ever losing our joy.

February- Love means believing your loved one's are  perfect, inspite of their  shortcomings!

March-  Having a great attitude excels a great accomplishment!

April- Winning is everything when we are talking about relationships!

May- Being understood is as needful to someone  as the air we breathe!

June -Laughter is the harmony in life, as harmony  is to music?

July-  I am important, remember to tell yourself that daily.

August -   Happiness is a choice- Choose it!

September-  Good Habits are better than motivation.

October-  The mind set has a lot to to with success.

Looking forward to another year of reflections and growth!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Happiness Now

I'll be happy when...  I get a better job, get married, a new car, a new house etc. etc etc. Have you ever made that statement? Most of us have have, it's quite common. When I reflect back on how many times I made that statement (in the past), It's mind boggling. Life has taught me that I was postponing my own happiness. I no longer use that statement or rarely if ever  and I forget. Yes, it's true I was deciding not to be happy until my external circumstances were 100 percent to my liking. It also makes me think how many times I could have been content in life  and wasn't. I remember my Dad telling  us all the time of the wonderful  and most of them simple things he would do when his ship came in. I used to reply that his ship was the Titanic (it wasn't coming) and he would laugh. His ship never came, but his life did end. Somehow I knew then it was better not to put things off till our circumstances were completely favorable. Life has taught me that happiness postponed is sometimes  never realized.  We have to decide to be happy now amid whatever circumstances we are having. Yes Iv'e learned that Happiness is an inside job and not dependent on any external circumstances. It's a mindset and attitude adjustment we must make.  We may not choose our present set of circumstances, but being that they are present we  must mentally adjust with them till they are past. Some of us have learned and live by this rule, but still others struggle with being content until all is favorable. Did you ever ask someone  how they are doing with something and they reply "I'm coping"? If so, that is a smart reply because to cope means to deal successfully with.  We must decide to be happy now, with what we are and what we have. So remember happiness is a inside job. Yes it starts within our mindset. Want happiness now, it can be done!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Music, what an impact it has on our lives. It has a strong motivating force on our lives. Everyone loves the sound of music. From the very beginning of our lives from  infants in the womb there is a noticeable effect.  I remember even  now, if I hear a certain song, it will bring back my wedding day. Or something from my childhood, a memory of my parents, perhaps it was a song they used to like. I associate certain songs or music with happiness or sadness, we all do. How sweet it is, soothing to our heart and soul. But it can also make us feel downhearted if we allow it. All types and varieties, from classical to pop and more, music is a gift. Like love if you take away the language, it's all the same. It's universal. Interesting, isn't it? Not one person who has lived that have not been affected by music. It takes us back to a certain time in our life, an event, brings back memories of yesterday. Life and even death. It's associated with everything. If we were to take away music altogether, it would render life boring, bland and very dull.  It livens our spirit. Without it most all would be depressed and life -less.  It's safe to say that music is very therapeutic. It's necessary as air, that's why we have it. It's to be enjoyed!  Let us use this gift in music to keep us strong, upbeat and positive. On days when we are feeling a little low, let music's mood altering effect help change that. We can even set the home stage atmosphere with a little back ground soothing sound of music. Think of the music that brings back happy memories and relive it. Move to the beat of the sound you like to hear. It reduces stress and can put a crowd all in the same mood instantly! Ever notice that? Music is a great thing! Let it work it's charm on  you. So sit back and enjoy some relaxing music on me today! If you like it let me know!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Remember Everyday !

Going forward I wonder what could I do to improve my life? After reflecting on what I could have or should have done differently, this is what I came up with. Things  needed to remember everyday. What are they you may ask?  That's just it, how quickly we forget or take for granted. If we  could remember everything we were suppose to remember  and act on it,  it would make us better people and our lives much richer. First off , when we awaken each morning,  it's another day of life. Remember to count  the blessing!  Life is good, be thankful. Remember to give thanks!  We have all received so many things in so many ways from other's. Remember to be generous in our time, energy and resourcesRemember  when we are having the time of our lives, there are others who  are dealing with the worst times. Remember to pray for them. We all make mistakes, none of us are perfect. Remember to be forgiving.  We all learn things and come to appreciation of certain things at different times. Remember to be patient.  When we think of the problems we may have and start to complain. Remember, some would give anything to trade their set of problems for yours. We were created with the need to be loved and to feel loved. Remember to say: I Love You to your loved ones.   Happiness is contagious. Remember to smile. And you are sure to get one back.  Manner's are important, they make us extraordinary. Remember to be kind.  If we remember to do these things everyday, then we are sure to have joy of heart constantly. And the added benefit of a longer and happier  life. Remember everyday is that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Laugh A Little

Hey, have you found that life itself has squeezed you in to a mode where you now find laughing is difficult?  Well, if difficult is not a good word to use, lets say it just doesn't come up or happen as often as it used too or should. If you stop to realize on an average a day, how many times you laugh, a good laugh, how many times on  a regular basis can you come up with? What about yesterday? It's a tough job. I must say about myself, that yesterday I can't even recall laughing any. That's pretty sad. I'm basically on an average a pretty happy light-hearted  person, with a pretty good sense of humor. But whats going on with laughter? It seems for the most part it's retreated in to some distant cave. There's so much going on in life and the news that what we generally hear isn't funny. This maybe true, but laughter is essential to our good health. It's vital that it is not eliminated. I've blogged a couple times before about this necessary characteristic, back in October of 2014, On Laughing LOL and May of 2015, Laughter, Truly The Best Medicine. It can heal the sick. I read just recently that just fifteen minutes of laughter each day decreases stress, massages our insides, lowers blood pressure and more. So quite beneficial it is for us on a daily basis and it's free. I bring it up again because  you can't have a happy life if there is no laughter.  It affects the balance, laughter must be entertained. Sounds funny but true. Here's a little something funny I heard once:  A lady storms into a private detective's office, upset  and in a state of disbelief. Demanding an interview. As soon as laying eyes on the detective she went off in a tirade. When she stopped the detective was able to finally get a word in calmly and said: Mrs, just what do you want me to do?  The woman demanded: I want my husband and that woman followed!! I want them followed night and day!Then,  I want a complete report on what she sees in him!!  lol. It made me laugh. Wasn't fifteen minutes of laughter but it's a start.  So look for the funny side of the street. Laugh often , live long. Have a funny day!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Being Successful

My favorite definition of success is this:" The correct or desired result of an attempt". That to me is the most fitting because success covers a broad range of areas.  The first definition or thought that comes to the mind of most is the definition having to do with wealth  or business.  But really when you think about it, success has something to do with every role we play in life.  There is success in family life, social, parenting, cooking, care giving, marriage,career, business, teaching and the list could be endless. Certainly not just the business aspect or the wealthy as I'm sure you all know. We could be the most truly successful people of all time in a lot of areas but have no wealth at all.  Take parenting, marriage just to name a few. It just happens that sometimes we don't on a daily basis put most things into perspective and bring them close to home as to how we should view them. When we reflect back on the successful greats as well as nobles, that has been born and past, we learn that success is an achievement and not a gift. Anything that is achieved is something that is sought after earnestly and continually. Yes, it's the result of hard work, and continued effort. and as we age we continue to take on new roles, maybe a second marriage, gain step children. New roles bringing on more hard work at which we will try at best to be successful. Any of us can be successful at any role we play if we are willing to put in the hard work.  It may even seem at times it's not appreciated, but should not make our effort any less, even tho we may not feel up to keeping it up. Also we may already be very successful at the different roles we have played throughout our lives, an  on going effort.  So as extraordinary people being successful is an ongoing effort and achievement we have accomplished at one point or another. Remember, have a successful day!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Saying HELP!

HELP, a useful word, very useful indeed. How do you feel about saying help?  We may not mind saying help but that don't always mean we will get it or get enough of it.  Or we may not even get it when we need it. Maybe you are even to proud to ask for it. You have probably heard the saying it goes like this: "Sent for you yesterday and here you come a riding in today". Those things may be true, but I have learned having the proper view of help by asking for it, receiving it or accepting it can be very beneficial to us. Life as it is and will remain will at sometimes require us at some point or another to need help. Those of us with too much pride will have to work on having  this proper view of help a little harder. We will get overwhelmed from time to time, but help is good in any way shape or form. Help is on the way, there is strength in that statement for those of us waiting for it. When we request help we tell ourselves and others that we are aware of our limitations. And it sends to the rescue the sources of strength and courage outside of us. When we get the help it gives the power back within us to go on. There are so many circumstances in life that we may require help, our children may be afraid of the dark and we have to help them get thru the night, we may have too much or not enough work, we may be going through a difficult time, a tough job, we may need to understand something a little more clearer. The list could go  and on. Yes the need for help is everywhere. It's o.k. to request the  help needed. Don't be ashamed to ask for relief you could be getting. It's something also that will 'help"keep us balanced. Don't let too much pride keep you from getting it. There are  powers outside of us just standing in the sidelines waiting to be called on.  They must be reckoned with. "Help" is a gift. I don't believe any of us could exist without it. But as extraordinary people, not only is it a good thing to get the required help we need but also to extend it to others.  Help is a circle that just goes round and round and should never be broken. So today, if you need help in any way, show your strength and ask for it or if you can give it, do so, you will be so glad you did. I hope this helped.  Put saying "Help" in the proper perspective and take advantage of this extraordinary external gift of  power!!! You deserve all the help you need!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Monday!!

Monday the fresh  beginning of a new week ! I hope your weekend was grand.  May you accomplish and have the strength to do all the things you would like to do today. If I could add a couple more things. Just two things  I want you to remember to do for your self is, laugh a little, and set aside a few minutes for you, even if its fifteen minutes. I want you to stop at some point and relax,take a a few deep breaths at the beginning, take a walk, a time out, savor a treat, listen to some motivation, read a portion of a good book, enjoy a few minutes of easy listening music. Alone quiet time just to regroup.  How many of us do this on a regular basis?  We should. So often, especially if we have families, the most important person gets neglected on a daily basis is ourselves.  We tend to forget about us. Whatever you choose, don't hesitate to give it that thoughtful priority as if this is one of the most important things you can do today.  And it is the caring of self. We often start out every day on that mission to others and never self. Lets make today's mission to self, a new one by dedicating a part of the day to us. In spite of who needs what and when, try to fit this in. We individually are so important, but we tend to put ourselves last or never. You are very important, it doesn't matter if you hear it from others often enough. It doesn't change that fact. If you believe it and act like you are, others will see that you are and respect you for it. My mother used to say everything starts at home or (self) then spreads abroad. Taking care of self makes us better for other people, patient, and more. Doing this not just today but everyday will keep us less frustrated and stressed. It adds refreshment and will help us to adjust any negative thinking by clearing our head. It will be something fit to add into your daily routine. So happy Monday!! Get back to me I'd love to hear what took place in the few minutes you set a side time for you. Have an AWESOME day!!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Finding Joy

Having a feeling of great happiness, that's joy. A wonderful thing I might add. Although finding joy and maintaining it are  two different things.  Why is it once we find this joy maintaining it presents a challenge?   My mother used to look at me whenever I was in one of those moods as shes called it and would tell me "You need to change your attitude." Boy I was young then and the problems I thought I had, I wish I had those today.  Finding joy, I think is not as nearly as hard as  it is to maintain  it. But as extraordinary people we must. Well then you may say "Well then I'm gonna have to get rid of everything, person, entity, in my life now that causes me to lose my joy. Now that solution is impossible since we are all connected to the human family as well as the things around us. Did you know that joy only comes from knowing that we are not alone or isolated beings. So my mom was right, finding joy and maintaining joy takes constant attitude adjustments. OMG!!  My mother was right about Everything!! We are on our way to  finding  joy when we really look or become fully  aware of a situation we are in  and then relax. This will allow us to go extensive distances with the circumstances present. When we allow our self to become captivated with things we kinda get this patience outta nowhere. And joy surfaces because it its a part of our inner mind. So we need to be aware of our surrounding and the history of them even when it entered in our life. This relaxation causes time for pleasure. Doing something daily that pleases you.  Letting pleasure be a part of your daily routine will help to maintain your joy. Doing that would be putting care into one self. Some part of everyday should bring joy to you, if only for a few minutes, ten or fifteen even, but consistently, thus making joy a part of your life everyday. Only in this way will we be able to maintain joy. Life is always gonna bring things that quickly cause us to lose our joy. We need to know and practice ways that will immediately return your  joy quickly as possible. Till we learn to manage it as an art and live extraordinary joyful lives. May we all find our joy in everything, our families, marriages, jobs etc and maintain them all.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Letting Go!

The song goes something like this: We've got to be very strong to keep holding on! Well that song was talking about a little something different.  Holding on is very important in various circumstances. But letting go is also just as important. Learning to let go of things is a very difficult task. Because letting go represents some kind of change afterward. It brings on an absence of something we have gotten used too. And change frightens some people. But how you handle change is very important whether it be the changes you initiate or the ones that come and take you by surprise. While holding on can be rewarding letting go can be uplifting, like a cleanse, a refreshment. Just  goes to show in life we need to learn to do a little bit of everything. The holding on, the letting go, it's like finding the balance. Its the balance that brings perfect harmony. Like the Yin Yang symbol complete balance. But letting go is a psychological activity. So I think it's best not to ever make excuses why we can not do a certain thing. We must also remember that just because something is comfortable or familiar to us its the best for us. For example, take your home, it's no doubt comfortable and extremely familiar to you but its a small  two bedroom and you have seven children. Thus making it not the best for your family, even tho its the home you grew up in. Look at letting go as a change essential to keep living an extraordinary life. Everything changes and it always involves letting go of something. Mentally we must commit to accepting the first step of letting go. It could cause some depression or anxiety or other negative feelings. But this is temporary and must be experienced through the transition. If we shift our minds gear and tell our self that all we have was at one time added to us and more likely we let go of something or even someone to get it. Learn to let go of the little things and the bigger things will come easier. Some people have trouble even with the small things, like items they will never use again or things that have just accumulated . Or it may be even letting go of a certain way of thinking that has been comfortable and familiar. Every thing you let go tell your self something better is coming although you my never be able to imagine what it could be. Remember letting go is perfectly healthy and beneficial. We need to learn to keep the balance rather than living a life on tilt. The same strength it takes to hold on, is the same strength it takes to let go. Life has made us strong.  You can do it.  Letting go of the necessary things that is!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Keeping Up!

Keep your head up! Chin up, looking up, feeling up! Anything up is an improvement on a daily basis. In fact the dictionary defines "up" as moving from a lower position to a higher one. This can involve our attitude toward one self.  Sometimes when it comes to our thoughts about ourselves, we  can be a little down on us, the person we are. We may even be our toughest critic. Especially when we have tried  many years to accomplish a certain goal, live a certain way, act a certain way, develop a certain quality or do a certain thing. If these goals have not been met we may feel what's the use in trying? I am never gonna be able to do this. Have you ever felt that way?  I have, seems I stay at square one perpetually, every time I stop to consider where I am in the scheme of  things I'm usually in the same place. This can be so frustrating and cause us to be down on our self instead of up. Then one day I began to put things in perspective. I tried to gain a broader view of myself, my strength's, my weaknesses. What I came up with is bottom line, my inherent imperfection. That no matter how good I tried to be at any single thing, how well I tried to act, how I lived my life or what I was able to accomplish that this inherent imperfection was from time to time is gonna cause me to slip and fall short of what it is I want or wanted to do. But I learned this important thing, it doesn't matter how long we try or rather how long we work at the good of what something is. The sky is the limit, time wise that is. Truth is we will be making adjustments all our lives. The more adjustments we make at anything the better it gets. We may have been trying to do something for years and still feel we are at square one. But in actuality we are probably somewhat past square one. It's just our down thinking on the matter. That's why keeping up is so important. Being aware and continuing to make adjustments is the prime thing. Inherent imperfection is the one thing we cant change. But we can continue to make adjustments by keeping our thoughts up and never giving up our endeavor to improve our self till we become the best we can be as extraordinary people. There is no one so good that he never makes a mistake or slips back from time to time.  Keep a positive view of your self and your imperfections or a better word your limitations. This may take the majority of your life time and mine, but  we can accomplish this if we just keep up!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Living Today To The Full

Live for today, tomorrow is promised to no one!  Seize the moment!! No better time than the present!  So true and so important. This should be our attitude. Why is that? It's been said that yesterday is past, tomorrow is the future and today is a gift, that's why it is called the present! How will we choose to use this present? Well if we are so blessed to see tomorrow, we need to remember that how we decide to use today could have a great effect on our tomorrow. Are there things we need to do today, such as mend a relationship, spend time with someone, say I love you, say I'm sorry, do something we enjoy or finish something we started? The list could go on and on. But the saying goes, don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. To live full productive lives, living today to the fullest is very essential. As extraordinary people, achieving  much in a day's time will leave us with a huge sense of satisfaction.  This in turn will build  up our self esteem  and keep our anxiety level down. We as humans, it's in our nature to put things off continually. Psychologically this  can have a negative effect on us. We are the biggest procrastinators and in our mind we desire to have things done and we are bugged by it until theses things come to pass. They become invisible mental burdens and cause us to become anxious for tomorrow. So now we are overwhelmed which brings on anxiety, then stress, then illness. All these negative emotions come into play. It's like the compound effect, one thing after another but only in a negative sense. What can help?  I've found that making a list or keeping a calendar of things on the agenda for the next day really helps. Planning for the day ahead. Keeping  the size of the list realistic. Be sure it's not so loaded that you will end up exhausted. Don't go to bed angry, mend those relationships. Make it a point to always leave a part of the day for yourself for meditation, and relaxation, even if its only a half hour. You are important, it's during this time that allows you to regroup.  You will find that this adds organization to your day and is a huge stress buster. It keeps your disposition on an even level. And will make you an all around pleasure to be with.  Just a few tips to keep you all extraordinary as possible and one way to do this is to make it a habit by living each day to the full!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Being Numero Uno!!

Being numero uno is something we all wanted  to be as children. Back then we suffered with always wanting to be first, it was a kid thing. It didn't matter whether it was in line for a drink at the fountain, in the car, to get the treat, or playing a game etc. We always headed for that first place. And if it wasn't a place, we then would yell"I'm first, I called it!" Remember?! It was always that same person who would remember to call firsties. Then the next kid would yell "Second". With these traits present our parents began to teach us to  stand back a little, let others go in ahead. Give the other person a chance to go first this time.  Regrettably so, we may have done it. They knew how important it was to teach us the principal of yielding or humility. Probably one of the more difficult lessons for me to learn as I grew. But the thing of it is, as children we didn't know any better. The thing we always wanted to be first at was the least important things in life. Being first then was just a temporary happiness till the next little thing came along. So teaching this principal to our young is a good thing. It will teach them patience and that gratification is not always instant but  sometimes comes after a great deal of time and waiting. As we live, we learn that balance is needed in this area. Being first tho, does carry its own importance depending on what it is we are trying to be first at. And sometimes it's even very necessary. I think as we got older we learned and began to live this trait too well.  But now it is no longer the juvenile things but rather the more important things. When it comes to people in our lives, jobs, family, friends etc., we yield to the numero uno and let them pass on in front of us while we put off our personal needs and desires. This becomes a habit and we don't realize that it can cause us unconsciously  some  psychological  grief.  It can be the very thing that's bringing us down and we are not even aware. We are no longer children and dealing with issues of trivial matters. But again putting others and their needs ahead of us is a good and noteworthy thing. But only at the proper time. We just need to know where to draw the line, where the true balance lies. The time when numero uno is not and should not  be overlooked. Allowing our selves to be numero uno at the times that really count and matter to us. It  is also  vital to loving ourselves and keeping up in good self esteem. My mother used to say " I cant take good care of you if I don't take good care of me."Now I understand it. That was her way of showing  her me first attitude, which was good for her best interest, which was us as her children. On an airplane ridefor instance, the safety instructions is always to meet your need first when it comes to oxygen then help your child. If we don't follow this advice, our very life could depend on it. These are a few times certainly in life when being number one is of the utmost importance. We all have different circumstances in our lives and all require different times of needs. We need to be aware of when we need to take the first place and do it. As extraordinary people, and for the sake of survival of the fittest,  let us never forget those times when Being "Numero Uno " is  the number one thing to do!!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Judge Not!

Judge not want not! That's how the saying goes.  A fine moral principal. And a swell piece of advice, I might add. Judging others often is just simply what people do in general. We judge something or someone nearly everyday of our lives. Actually, it's human nature.  A nature tho we must fight against to a definite degree. Unless we have been put in the position of judge. That makes the difference. Life has taught me  that you don't win friends by judging others. In reality, it can often destroy relationships. If we are looking to win in life with others, we need to be careful in this area. Depending on the situation, sometimes it's a perfectly a good thing to do, again, IF you have been  appointed judge. And then it just turns into an opinion or thought, so it's like a guess. It doesn't necessary have to be the truth or accurate. Judging is more than a black and white area, there are many shades of grey. When we pass judgment on others is when it can become a grey area. It puts us in the area of determining them right or wrong. People like to decide for themselves what;'s right or wrong. It's an evaluation that we may or may not be entitled to give. And if it's not gonna change our lives, why bother? This can cause a problem, stress, break-ups and more. As extraordinary people, we want to be as stress free as possible. Did you know that being  judgmental also makes us a critic? And when you think of the word critic, it typically means one who finds fault or complains in most cases. There's not a human alive or at least I've yet to meet that one who  will readily accept a negative comment or accept the blame about himself without defending himself. That's human nature. It is automatically rejected. Daily I myself fight this tendency, because again it's human nature to judge. But  I still find it futile and completely ineffective to judge others. If we gain a reputation of sorts of being  this way, it wont draw others to us. If it's not our prerogative to determine if something or someone  is good or bad, it's better not to make ourselves the judge of it.   I think people better appreciate us for not doing so. Like my mother always used to say " respect the differences" and she was so right.  I really had a hard time with that in the beginning. Especially growing up in the household with my siblings. But life has made me so much a better person with that.  And I am grateful, it is true as you live , you learn and better late than never. If it's later, it just affords us the opportunity to look back with clear hindsight and see the lesson that needed to be taught the one we may have missed. After all hindsight is 20/20. So my extraordinary friends, Judge Not, Want Not.  I think we will all be better appreciated for it!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hobbies, remember when they were really popular? It seems that everyone had one or always in the process of picking a new one.  Where I grew up there were hobby shops. Always kinda neat to visit. These shops stayed busy. They had such interesting things in there to and to see. And if something was not your interest or hobby, it made it seem worth while to consider  taking it on. Kite flying, gardening,scrapping, ceramics, stamping, train collecting you name it countless things to consider. Frankly, inside the hobby shops, my hobby was just looking at all of it, I enjoyed it and it relaxed me. But then there were other hobbies outside the shop, the physical hobbies. Even tho my mom had to do it for a large family certainly not her hobby, but cooking some took on cooking lessons as a hobby, (it wouldn't be mine either)some type of dancing(a really good one), collecting, golfing, bowling, singing, biking, mine and my sister's as young girls was roller skating. Growing up on the east coast, it was in rain snow sleet or hail, rollerskating could not be missed.  And a pleasure it was! Exciting, kept us thin and active and something to look forward too each week.  But why do I bring up hobby or its plural hobbies, cause you can have more than one. Purely as a reminder. The definition of hobby is: A pursuit outside of ones regular occupation. Even more appropriate meaning would be a pleasure pursuit outside of ones regular occupation.  Yes very different from one's regular job or occupation, even tho many enjoy their jobs. The reason I bring it up is because we live in very stressful times. There's lots of pressures on families, marriages, folks in general. We should even encouragement our young to take on a worthwhile (safe) hobby. There is plenty of time spent worrying about things, doing busy work etc. Very few people have anything that they eagerly anticipate doing or an activity they get involved in each week in  pleasure seeking way. To have a hobby could have so many healthy benefits. As extraordinary people it would keep us that way. Refreshed and most likely relaxed often. In a good frame of mind. A good hobby would bring down our stress level, bring us closer to our children, our mates or others. We could always do hobbies together. It would add new and interesting associates in our life. Find a new love in a person place or thing. Relieve us of a lot of stress, (I said that twice because it's so true). Give us something more worthwhile to do and look forward too. Keep our minds and bodies active. A new hobby could open so many new doors.  What former hobbies have you had? Can you return to that one or try something new?  Hobby's are worth maintaining and should never be let go. Why not pick a new one up or at least try an old former one? You'll be so glad you did. Here is a little encouragement  for all times: Pray when you feel like worrying, Give thanks when you feel like complaining, Keep going when you feel like quitting!! And with your new hobby to look forward too, there will be no time left for any such negative pursuit!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Saying Thank You!!

Thank You, a common expression  used when someone has complemented us or done us a kindness in some way. It's also two of the first words we were taught as young children to say. As well as the two words we taught our young to say. A very important expression and two of the most powerful words in the English language. It also warms the heart of the listener, motivates him to smile and a follow up comment of "you're welcome." These two words we have also used our whole life as a reply. They even build our self esteem, when we thank some one or some else thanks us. Truly a feel good expression. But as extraordinary people, can we change the natural trend? After all we are the trendsetters. I've learned that saying "you're welcome "is not the best response to the words "Thank You". Not the most positive.  Not the best words? What words could be better or more positive than that? Well think about it. I know when said "Thank You" that is, it communicates genuine warmth and appreciation among all of us. And we all like to be  or feel appreciated, don't we? But again,what could be better then saying "You're Welcome?" Well how about with the same, a resounding "Thank You!" After all, unlike I love You which is reserved for close friends and family where as Thank You is for every one. It will have a positive as well as pleasing affect on all who is in line to receive one. My mother practiced this. She was quick to return the same with an added compliment and thus the gratitude was endless. When you return a Thank You for a Thank You it sets the stage for a warmer interchange between others and its your way of expressing your appreciation for the greeting you received. This will open the way for many other positive expressions that encourage and build up. It evens out the plane, whereas You're Welcome ends the gratitude and Thank You the gratitude continues to grow. For instance if someone says you" Good Day! A far more positive response would be " Thank You, and good day to you too!!" This leaves both parties feeling grateful for the kind expression extended to each one. And gratitude leads to joy. Joy to happiness. Yes returning a Thank You with a Thank you will have a strong influence in our lives as well as others. So far better than the two words You're Welcome, practice exchanging it with another Thank You! Each receiver will be ever so thankful you did! Thank You, I really appreciate all my readers as well as followers. Have a pleasant day!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Being Generous Extraordinary People

Being generous, by now if we have been reasonably productive in our lives, we have acquired many things. Not only materially but also in other ways such as mentally. We have been so enlightened on life itself.  We truly now know whats important. When you hear the word generous people tend to think right away of  sharing a material asset. But this is not always the fullest and truest definition of generosity.  By the time we become over fifty and extraordinary we have a wealth of others things or at least access to other things. Such as what, you may ask? Well it could be knowledge or time or space and more. Depending on where life has taken you top the place you are now. Generosity can be covered in a lot of areas of our life. As mentors of our young,we can show them that generosity covers every vital energy. Such as showing kindness and concern to others when it comes to forgiving. Can we forgive more?  A listening empathetic ear. Can we listen more? We have so much to offer others as extraordinary people. It can all come from a chair we are sitting in. We don't have to move around to be generous. It can come in the form of time and energy given to others but sometimes not. Sometimes its just connecting from heart to heart. Sharing what we know that can be of benefit to others. We truly are extraordinary in every sense of the word. We have so much to give. A great legacy for our young and not just ours but any who shall cross our path. Let's continue to give, not till it hurts but till it feels better and better. Our young will thank us in so many ways for so long. It will make us happy. Happiness keeps us thriving. May our generosity expand above and beyond the call of duty!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Public Opinions!

Public Opinions, do they really matter? How much of an impact on your life could they really hold if any? How close are public opinions and our reputations? I tend to think that our reputation is pretty much tantamount to the public opinion others hold about us, whatever it may be.  Whats yours on any given subject? I'm gonna tell you what I think and this is purely my very own opinion. Yes, one That I'm making very public through this blog. It depends on what it is being discussed and  where and if  we are concerned. It it gonna change our life? Because when it comes to certain choices that are ours to make and it's our prerogative, to me  it doesn't matter what the public thinks. When we live our lives in a law abiding way, public opinion becomes nothing more then a personal opinion held by many who is not even in a position to pass their opinion. And if they choose to do so, It's not important.  Every one is entitled to his or her own opinion. that's why we each have our own.  There are certain things about our lives that are public and of course there is the private sector.  Kept in their rightful place we should not encounter a problem. It's only when we start making public what should be kept private. Now when we take into consideration a celebrity involved in a law breaking activity that becomes public knowledge, then public opinion will become something you will need to worry about. It will affect his or her life emphatically and rightfully so. It can destroy, make or break you. If you are well known and held in high esteem by the public in general, than it can really matter. Especially if public opinions changes and makes you appear in opposite of the way you have been viewed by the public. So in my opinion, public opinions matter to any who have made the private sector of their life public in a small circle or larger one if you are famous. The definition of opinion is : a view, judgement or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter or person. A view formed in the mind. That means it's possible that it may not be true, but then again it may be truth. Life is so much simpler when we choose not to be judging others. We certainly don't want others to judge us. So in a nutshell if we want to gain good friend and keep them, then we should keep our personal opinions to our self. Just saying!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015


It's too hot! I'm tired! It's nothing to do! I got a headache! And on and on it goes. It's no wonder our parents always uttered these infamous words: Stop your complaining! These are just the complaints of a child. If we were chronic complainers as children, no doubt we turned into complaining adults. Our parents knew then that complaining was not a good quality. They knew it could ruin our outlook. Not to mention that ,complaining to the listening  can be extremely annoying as well as bothersome. People who thrive keep company of positive people. People endeavoring to be positive don't complain. Because complaining focuses on the negative. Think about it, when we focus on the negative, what happens? It expands, yep it grows bigger and be comes more profound. This is something that life has taught me. So Ive found that every thing we complain about we have the tendency to get more of! YIKES!! That's all we need, more misery. How does the song go? Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Yes, make notice of the good. If life gives you lemons make lemonade. Look for the silver lining in every cloud. We have to continue to learn to ignore the little annoyance's and unhappiness's. Don't feel bad, we are all guilty of complaining from time to time. We just need to be aware of it when we do. We need to continue to learn because its an ongoing thing in life we will always have annoyance's. Lets try to use our minds and thoughts on the things we want more of. Those childish complaints stated at the beginning of this blog were the ones we stated as children, imagine, if never having changed that habit, the size of our complaints now. They must be huge by comparison. Cant you see the truth in the statement,  what we focus on expands? By putting an end to our complaining our lives will be much happier. It will put so much more ease into our environment. It will cause us to tolerate things. No matter how old we get, we will keep expanding on the good. You wont believe the power you will gain. So follow  a sound piece of old and endearing advice for our very own good now, Stop Complaining!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Merriam Dictionary and Thesaurus defines peacemaker as a person who helps to prevent or stop an argument, fight or war. How qualified that definition is.  By the time we become over fifty and extraordinary, this is a quality we need to have acquired by now.  I'm still learning tho just what it takes to be a genuine peacemaker. Because there are some  and will be days when this is a real challenge for all of us. But I have learned the challenges can be conquered.  The benefits we get from being peaceable is outstanding.  Yes, it yields a large reward.  But just how easy is this to do? Not. Well we are all working on something. But working at being peaceable is certainly admirable and worth the effort. It takes a lot of humility on our part. Having humility will give us a huge edge on being  peaceable. We cant take our selves to seriously. We need to set the example for our young.  They are ever watching. Sometimes it means just plain ole being wronged, or inconvenienced but yielding and forgiving by looking the other way.  If it's not gonna change our life, then we can do this. That's where the true humility comes in and why we have lived long enough to become extraordinary people.  It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Consider the benefits. It will improve relationships with our closest and most intimate associations. Our environment will be better, the air will always be clear.  We will be physically healthier, always remembering we need to do everything necessary to keep healthy. It will naturally keep our stress level down anxiety etc.  Our genuine happiness will stabilize in life. People will constantly be drawn to us cause it will make us easy to be with. We can even help unite others that  need to be united. Yeah, the benefits of being a peacemaker are endless. Something to think about, huh?! It's so worth it my friends. So the next time someone test out  your peace-ability, take the challenge head on and win! Yep, let it be that as far as it depends on you Peace Out!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hot Fun In The Summertime!

Summertime, Summertime, Summertime! The good ole  Summertime! They say the living is easy in summertime. Oh yeah!  Here we are mid summer 2015, my how time flies. And phew! It is hotter for some than other's. For me, I'm roasting here , it's 100 degree's in the shade and then some.  We all have to be careful of the heat intensity we have to endure.  There is a strong need to be mindful of how hot we allow ourselves to get. Heat is not good for you in prolonged periods of time. So therefore  my Extraordinary friends, remember to stay as cool as possible during these hot summer days. Also we need to remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of cool refreshing drinks.The number one recommended drink is that good ole H2O and others like ice tea, lemonade, smoothies, slushies and the like.  Carbonated beverages are appealing but if we limit them our thirst will be quenched much longer. Those drinks have the tendency to make us thirsty. Sometimes tho we just need that fizzle. Then I think the next best thing is the sparkling water's that come in the different flavors. Try some of those if you haven't. When it comes to water, that is playing in it, I'm still a kid at heart. I love the water parks, raging waters, soak city, bring em on!  Oh the joy's of summer, I scream, You scream We all scream for Ice Cream, Yeah! Who doesn't like ice cream, I've yet to meet someone who doesn't.  But the calories, Oh my!! Remember to get out and walk in the early park of the day when its the coolest it's gonna get for that day! Not only will you enjoy it but you will burn a lot of calories.  I do hope you have been having a glorious summer and my wish for you is that it may continue. Yes, all that hot fun in the summertime!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Cat in the Hat On Ageing!

Hello Extraordinary people! I have always been a huge Dr. Seuss fan. I nearly own most of his books, but I am still in search of the rarer ones. I came across something on ageing by his infamous character the Cat in the Hat and I just had to share it with you. It went like this:

                                                               The Cat In The Hat On Ageing

I cannot see
I cannot pee
I cannot chew
I cannot not screw

Oh, my god, What can I do?

My memory shrinks
My hearing stinks
No sense of smell
I look like hell

My mood is bad-- Can you tell?

My body's drooping
Have trouble pooping

The golden years have come at last
The golden years can kiss my a--!!!

Bet ya didn't know you had something in common with the cat in the hat. But no seriously tho, the golden years are only as bad as we make them out to be. Gold is good. So lets keep them that way. That's why they are called Golden year's. Have a wonderful day!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

For Your Entertainment !!

Hello my extraordinary friends!  I came across this incredible video of these two very young children dancing!! You wont believe the talent you see at such an young age. They dance as if they have at least 20 years of experience at the tender age of 8 years or younger. Is that even  possible? This video teaches us that their is not a certain look, age or type to anything. You don't have to be or appear what society thinks you should . You just seek and do what you enjoy and do it with zeal and ardor, no matter what it is. You need to see this video for yourself.  These two were meant to dance and to be partners. All I can say is : Fred and Ginger,  look out!! You have finally met your match. No matter how big or small, young or old, we can find immense entertainment in everything and everyone. I just wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Leisure Time

Ah leisure time, a  little R&R, yes rest and relaxation!! Something very much needed and once we have it, we can truly appreciate it.  When was the last time you had a lil r&r with your loved ones ? Why is it we find it so difficult to take a day off from anything? Even when we are at home and  dealing with the typical things like house work and laundry, meal preparation etc.  It seems we move from one thing to another until we find ourselves dead tired  and we just drop from exhaustion.  It is true it's human nature to stay busy, but just like anything else we must find the balance.  Something we will discuss in an upcoming blog.  It's as if we are afraid something will be left undone. We need to get in our heads that if something is left undone, so be it.  Yep, just let it be!  It's good for us, it teaches us that we can't do everything. Somethings must wait. We will eventually get to it.  Like the saying goes, stop and smell the roses.  Sometimes we just need to stop and take in our loved ones, our environment, our thoughts.  As long as we live there will always be things to do and that need to be done.  I remember when my kids were very young, I was so busy caring for their needs that I never really looked at them, they were just a part of a scenario. How I wished I would have just stopped and stared a little longer at their cuteness.  Sometimes I just try to reflect back how they looked when they were a certain age and I cant recall. But I remember the little pajamas they used to wear.  Do you find that the people that are the closest to you or around every day, your loved one's, do  you take their presence for granted? Sometimes we do but are not really aware of what is happening. We can only see it looking back.  Putting a lil leisure time in our life where we absorb our loved ones presence and share it with them is needed as well as a good thing.  Admire their good looks, and their abilities, and personalities, reflect on how and why you love them.  Talk and laugh with them. Do nothing else, choose the good portion. Yes, just enjoy their presence! We shouldn't be so busy that we miss out on a very important time in our life. There will always be stuff to do.  But there may not always be leisure time we can spend with those we love.  Leisure time, put it on the front burner.  Save the laundry, the house cleaning etc. Make leisure time  a quality time with your family a prime thing.  They will so appreciate it before it's too late.  The most valuable  thing we can give anyone is our time. The word leisure means  freedom provided by the cessation of activities, especially time free from work or duties and usually replacing it with something more rewarding or enjoyable. So the next time a little leisure time rolls around, remember this. Stop and smell the roses, you will be so glad you did!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fighting Discouragement

Discouragement always around the corner,lurking, just waiting. Something that attacks us from time to time no matter what. Sometimes we cant prevent it.  Even  with all the extraordinary wisdom we have, it is one of the few things we can't escape no matter what. Well, unfortunately my friends, this will be an ongoing battle as humans living in the times and circumstances we do.  Individually and collectively discouragement is something we will just  have to look at straight in the face. But we must not let it linger or hang around. It's like what we see in our peripheral vision, it will cause us to lose sight of what it is we are trying or needing to  focus on. Therefore bringing on despair and resignation even failure. We may even have the most valid reasons to be discouraged, but will we let it? The guy Nick, in the video a prime example.  We can win out over discouragement. Yes we can gain the victory over anything that discourages us. How? By never taking the attitude of failure. By keeping hope alive as they say. We must never give up, always remembering where there is life there is hope. And always keeping an optimistic view. When someone we know is facing discouragement, we can encourage that one by supporting mentally and even sometimes physically.  Focus with your vision in mind and work hard to be strong and courageous. Something  else that works hard against the fight of discouragement is diet, exercise and proper rest. Deficiency in these areas can cause us to lose our clarity and this can cause us stress which can bring on discouragement and despair. Life has taught me to keep a positive view of things along with keeping the good habits when it comes to diet and exercise. These are  natural stress reducers. In spite of the adversities that life can produce. So fight discouragement, like said in an earlier blog, find that silver lining in every cloud. Maintain good habits. Keep company of those who will be up building, but at the same time remember to be encouraging to others. Remember, we are extraordinary people we can fight the battle of discouragement and win!!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Acchieving Our Goals

Goal's, a long journey of something we set out to do.  Most commonly in the early stages of life. A long arduous road with typically many obstacles or challenges. Some are easy to overcome , some are difficult and then there are the ones that seem outright impossible. But in spite of the challenges that beset us, goals are still obtainable and should continue to be set. By the time we are over fifty and extraordinary we have set may goals in our life. Some we have achieved and others we have relinquished. And as we live we will continue to set further goals. With this in mind,  do you have any goals that you have abandoned?  How bout the one's you are working on? Have circumstances in your life caused you to forfeit something you really wanted to do?  If so, why not re-think what ever it is you have cast aside and consider putting it back on the table. Goal's are reachable. What do we need on our side that despite of the obstacles we face we can overcome them? A strong focal point, that center of concentration. There are always gonna be distractions and other things going on in life that will be there. When we lose our center of focus, we sink.  As an illustration, picture your self in a crowd, the one person you want to get to is at the head of the crowd, the crowd is noisy and moving to and fro, things are going on etc. because of our peripheral vision we can see it all, it all there at the side of what we are looking at.  If you stop for one moment and start to look at the stuff that's distracting you on the side, you are gonna lose sight (even if for a moment) of the person at the head of the crowd you re trying to get too and you may never gain sight of him again or at least for a time. This happens to all of us. In order to obtain our goals we have to keep the main thing the main thing. We have to block out that peripheral vision so to speak. Act like its not there. It may take a while, but where there is life there is hope.  Age has little to do with it. This is the day I can say that!! Because It's been done. Ive waited a lifetime a long time to achieve this goal. I'm proud to share this exciting news with my peers. I've always wanted to be an author of a published book. I'm overjoyed to announce the newly published children's picture the title is: The Chronicles of Princea and Princess Poppa. Now Available on  I DID IT!! Another very important thing is to never give up. Keep your dreams and goals alive. Regain your focus to accomplish that life long goal you always wanted too. I know it can be done and YOU can do it!


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Simplify Life by Winning People!

Keeping life simple, what does it really involve? Is it the getting rid of material things and  moving to a more secluded area? To simplify means to make something easier to do or understand.  Many people, it's been my experience, when they simplify their life they do exactly that.  They stop a certain kind of work. Let go of material possessions and some even relocate. Reasoning how life could be so much easier in the absence of these things. Well, this is a simplifying of sorts.  Diminishing any type responsibility of any kind does make things a bit easier. Down sizing our dwelling places make the caring and upkeep of them that much easier.  Sometimes this kind of simplifying is beneficial for us and necessary as extraordinary people and especially when the family has grown and moved on.  It can be a good thing when our circumstances in life warrant it. But this is not the simplifying I had in mind. I was thinking more of when it comes  to people and our relationships with them. One of the most difficult and complicated things we have to do is deal on a daily basis with people. That's people in general or more intimate relationships such as our mates, children or other relatives. People are always gonna be around, as this is the way we prefer it, most of us any way. Have you ever thought about what's really  involved in simplifying all relationships in general? Opening a way for warmth and acceptance . Not to mention an easier stress free life. Who more than people can really  complicate things and make life challenging on a daily basis? You may be thinking this is impossible because people will be people. True that. So how does one simplify their life when  it comes to people? Simply put, by not judging or criticizing them. If their adults respecting  them as such, or if children by continuing to teach , never criticizing. My mother used to tell me long  ago when I was having any conflict with another person was  just to respect the difference. it really does make a huge difference.  She was trying to teach me not to take things so personal. Especially when there was no benefit in it for me and it was not going to change my life. Judging and criticism only complicates in any dealing with people. It NEVER makes things easier and gets you NOWHERE. Think about it, hasn't life taught us that? It's against the human nature to accept these two things, judgement and criticism. Everyone has a pointing finger with a magnetic tip. When we point ours the one in the opposite direction automatically points back because opposites attract. A natural law that can't be changed. So when it comes to winning people even in the closest relationship judge Not and criticize Not.  Keeping life simple and winning as extraordinary people is  a worthy goal in every area. We will be so happy we did! This kind of lifestyle was never said  any better than the famous  Andrew Carnegie did in his number one best seller and still very popular as well as influential book entitled " How to Win Friends And Influence People." A must read for all over fifty and extraordinary people! I recommend it!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Serving Dinner

Dinner , that most important meal of the day! Do you have plans for dinner? Whats for dinner? When will dinner be ready?  These are commonly asked questions as well as frequently asked on a daily basis. This is the meal of the day that is usually given more forethought and planning than any other meal. We want it to have the most flavor, appeal and to be the most satisfying. To be attractive as possible. We even want to spend it with the most important people. Dinner has never been fun eating alone. We want to make sure that our dinner companions enjoy it as much as we do.  We go out of our way to try to make sure that what ever is being offered will be welcomed and accepted. And generally as a rule, none of us want to miss or skip dinner.  It's to be the most anticipated and looked forward to meal of the day.  Now you may ask, what does dinner have to do with being over fifty and extraordinary? Well today in my blog, I decided to use dinner as an analogy to life.  Yes, comparing dinner to our lives. How will you serve it, hot or cold? What will be our main course ? How we will live it. What we will offer others? How good we will be?  How attractive or appealing we will be?  How  will people  receive us? Will they think we are good and come back for more?  A lot to be considered whether you are serving dinner or just living your life. You can say that once we are over fifty and extraordinary, we are kinda like in the dinner of our lives. We want to make this the best portion ever.  This is the main course. Our decisive actions will determine how good it will be. We have learned a lot. Enough to make ourselves appealing and desirable in society to others. And daily, how we live, choices we make if we are gonna truly benefit from them must be well thought out. In this way we could live well.  On a continued basis planning is vital. Our dinner guest are not the only ones who benefit or enjoy the good meal. We ourselves enjoy it just as much sometimes better. The things we add to it are likened to deserts.  It's all good. When dinner is well served every person who shares in that meal appreciates it. So as extraordinary people who are now in the dinner of our lives,(figuratively speaking) make it five stars and let's serve up something good.  Dinner Anyone?  Lets make it a dinner party say yes and  thank you to the best  one ever!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lighter Side of Things!

Are we taking ourselves too serious? Sometimes I think we have the natural tendency to do so. I'd like to share some amusing things just to make sure we don't. I got an email from a friend of mine the other day. In it were several quotes shared.  The lighter side of getting older I thought. Sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves. We can be funny in our thoughts  too. It made me laugh as well as made my day. I hope it has the same effect on you, my extraordinary friends. Some of them were and I quote: "Random Thoughts As We Age":

1.  Biggest lie- I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it!

2. I don't need anger management, I need people to stop making me mad!

3. I don't have gray hair, I have wisdom highlights. I'm just very wise!

4. I'm gonna retire and live off my savings. Not sure what I'll do that second week!

5. Of course I talk to myself, sometimes I need expert (extraordinary) advice!

6.  If God wanted me to touch my toes, He would have put them on my knees!

7. At my age getting lucky means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for!

And of course there were many more, I hope these few bought a smile to your face, and always remember that no matter how gloomy a situation looks, there is always a lighter side to it. We need to learn how to find a silver lining on every cloud. Not just a few.  If we look for the good in everything we WILL find it!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Is Older Better?

Is older really better? What makes older better? If we could go back in our life to a certain age, what age would that be? And why do you pick that age? I'm willing to wager  not one person would say take me back to infancy or the first day of my life. Most everyone would want to go back to an age where the knowledge they have now would be useful in knowing and could save them at that point and time from something necessary. Have you ever heard others say and I quote:" I would not want to be twenty again for nothing"?.Why, because they know due to inexperience,how they may suffer.  Individually our do overs would be different due to  the different experiences that have been fed into our life.  But the one thing we would have in common is that most would like to start over at some point beyond the age of awareness. The age old saying goes, "If I knew then what I know now". So is it  out with the old and in with the new? I'm  not sure that's what really is wanted. What's the answer to what makes older better?  I think  if it is an object and this is only my opinion that it's the way something has been cared for or maintained. Look at an antique for instance. It's only considered to be an antique if it's been around for at least one hundred years. It also commands the top price in business sales.  It's always worth more than any new piece around. But that value depends on how well it has been maintained, who previously owned it and cared for it. It's all relative. So if we are talking about humans.  Everyone knows the older we get the wiser we are. In spite of the fact that in old age we have the tendency  to lose our strength  our might  and thinking ability. We suffer from C.R.S. (Cant Remember Stuff). But wisdom for the most part remains.  Wisdom is the ability to use the knowledge that we have learned. Wisdom is not something  that we get the first few years of life. So relatively speaking , we do get better with time. People that is. If you agree, share this.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Don't Stress!

A lot easier said then done as most things are. But nothing else as nearly as deadly or unhealthy as stress is.  Stress, that word, if we let it, that one single word will hunt us for the rest of our life. It will never go away. It will never bring us any real benefit. It will always be there. It's like the moon, it's coming out tonight and you can count on it.  That's why we have to take affirmative action to combat it when and wherever present. Negative stress that is, because actually it's been said that some stress is good. That's a stress I'm gonna have to do more research into. Naturally I'm speaking of the kind of stress that don't go well with us. We are greatly affected by our thinking. And the thing about worrying or stressing on anything is it doesn't change absolutely one thing.  Just imagine if it did. If we could tell our self that if I worry about this a week or two, then its gonna be resolved or work out in my behalf or even go away. It would amazing the problems that would disappear. There would be I imagine talk shows, books, seminars on how to stress more. Unfortunately that's not the case. Rather it creates more problems. Like we previously said before, misery loves company. We need to laugh more as in a previous blog stated and to get our mind off of the upsetting thing IF possible.  Now we as extraordinary people need to consider what accompanies stress? Let's see and be reminded of  what we have been told that stress brings on. Heart a attacks, strokes, ulcers, anxiety disorder's, headaches, insomnia, nausea and even more severe diseases like cancers. What miserable company stress keeps.  Who of us needs it? None of us. We have to learn to make the best of a situation while we are in it. No matter what the situation is. This is because we cant change a thing. I have a problem with this personally and it is something I try to work on constantly and has proven to be a real challenge, but I do manage.  Not giving in to stress is very difficult. But it is a challenge we can overcome. How? By making your mind over. Yes, it's a mind thing and we need to decide how we are gonna deal with things from a personally beneficial standpoint and then do it. Once our mind is set to do or not to do a certain thing, it makes all the difference. You can too if you MAKE YOUR MIND OVER. We must talk to our self and say: I would not choose to be in this situation, but being that I am in it, what good could I do for me or other's till it passes? Another quote that is worth repeating but certainly not mine is" When life serves you lemons, make lemonade!" We must decide by making our mind over to make the best of the worst or most negative situation since we cannot do a single thing to change it should that be the case. And by stressing over it, it has the potential to get even worse. By bringing on more problems.  A very wise person told me that this is the only way we can deal successfully or cope with the problems we will encounter in life from time to time because that's life. So my dear extraordinary friends, Make your mind over, But by all means "DON'T STRESS!"

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Laughter, Truly The Best Medicine

Laughter emotionally speaking means happy. Why is laughter so important? Not only in life now but always. Laughter is like an inner massage. Yes it massages our insides the same way  a masseuse does the  outside of our bodies and oh how good that feels!  Those who remember a while back  the  magazine Reader's Digest used to publish a section called laughter is the best medicine.  I remember how I looked forward to reading that section.  It was filled with many short amusing and humorous stories, another magazine has a section published monthly called strictly for laughs. Laughter does so much for the mind and the spirit, it actually heals the ailing inside. Studies have shown that when people are healing or recuperating from a sickness or setback back, that laughter is good therapy it actually aides in the healing process.  The thing about having a good laugh is that, when you are laughing, you are not thinking about absolutely anything else, no stress, no worry, no problem. Only the thing that is causing your laughter. For a moment, very temporary you kinda let things go  and afterward you feel good. It actually lifts your spirits.  It's very therapeutic. When was the last time you really laughed?  Was it at movie or a person ? Some people are so funny, just the thought of their name will bring a smile and we love to be entertained by them. I think laughter is a gift. It's natures way of saying at the moment that everything is good. I think that everybody should do more of it especially us over 50 and extraordinary people.  So my friends if we find ourselves feeling down for any reason, take a walk on the funny side. Yeah pull out your favorite comedy, or book or your favorite show and just indulge yourself in laughter.  This should be done on a daily basis if not very regular basis.  They say misery loves company. Don't give it the company it loves. Instead invite laughter. Do away with the misery as quickly as possible, don't allow it to linger around. We may then find it difficult to get rid of. Laughter is universal. Watch this video to see what I mean. I hope this video in this blog made you laugh as it was intended to do.  Everybody feels good, so go on  have a good laugh. It's truly the best medicine!!