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Friday, September 25, 2015

Saying HELP!

HELP, a useful word, very useful indeed. How do you feel about saying help?  We may not mind saying help but that don't always mean we will get it or get enough of it.  Or we may not even get it when we need it. Maybe you are even to proud to ask for it. You have probably heard the saying it goes like this: "Sent for you yesterday and here you come a riding in today". Those things may be true, but I have learned having the proper view of help by asking for it, receiving it or accepting it can be very beneficial to us. Life as it is and will remain will at sometimes require us at some point or another to need help. Those of us with too much pride will have to work on having  this proper view of help a little harder. We will get overwhelmed from time to time, but help is good in any way shape or form. Help is on the way, there is strength in that statement for those of us waiting for it. When we request help we tell ourselves and others that we are aware of our limitations. And it sends to the rescue the sources of strength and courage outside of us. When we get the help it gives the power back within us to go on. There are so many circumstances in life that we may require help, our children may be afraid of the dark and we have to help them get thru the night, we may have too much or not enough work, we may be going through a difficult time, a tough job, we may need to understand something a little more clearer. The list could go  and on. Yes the need for help is everywhere. It's o.k. to request the  help needed. Don't be ashamed to ask for relief you could be getting. It's something also that will 'help"keep us balanced. Don't let too much pride keep you from getting it. There are  powers outside of us just standing in the sidelines waiting to be called on.  They must be reckoned with. "Help" is a gift. I don't believe any of us could exist without it. But as extraordinary people, not only is it a good thing to get the required help we need but also to extend it to others.  Help is a circle that just goes round and round and should never be broken. So today, if you need help in any way, show your strength and ask for it or if you can give it, do so, you will be so glad you did. I hope this helped.  Put saying "Help" in the proper perspective and take advantage of this extraordinary external gift of  power!!! You deserve all the help you need!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Monday!!

Monday the fresh  beginning of a new week ! I hope your weekend was grand.  May you accomplish and have the strength to do all the things you would like to do today. If I could add a couple more things. Just two things  I want you to remember to do for your self is, laugh a little, and set aside a few minutes for you, even if its fifteen minutes. I want you to stop at some point and relax,take a a few deep breaths at the beginning, take a walk, a time out, savor a treat, listen to some motivation, read a portion of a good book, enjoy a few minutes of easy listening music. Alone quiet time just to regroup.  How many of us do this on a regular basis?  We should. So often, especially if we have families, the most important person gets neglected on a daily basis is ourselves.  We tend to forget about us. Whatever you choose, don't hesitate to give it that thoughtful priority as if this is one of the most important things you can do today.  And it is the caring of self. We often start out every day on that mission to others and never self. Lets make today's mission to self, a new one by dedicating a part of the day to us. In spite of who needs what and when, try to fit this in. We individually are so important, but we tend to put ourselves last or never. You are very important, it doesn't matter if you hear it from others often enough. It doesn't change that fact. If you believe it and act like you are, others will see that you are and respect you for it. My mother used to say everything starts at home or (self) then spreads abroad. Taking care of self makes us better for other people, patient, and more. Doing this not just today but everyday will keep us less frustrated and stressed. It adds refreshment and will help us to adjust any negative thinking by clearing our head. It will be something fit to add into your daily routine. So happy Monday!! Get back to me I'd love to hear what took place in the few minutes you set a side time for you. Have an AWESOME day!!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Finding Joy

Having a feeling of great happiness, that's joy. A wonderful thing I might add. Although finding joy and maintaining it are  two different things.  Why is it once we find this joy maintaining it presents a challenge?   My mother used to look at me whenever I was in one of those moods as shes called it and would tell me "You need to change your attitude." Boy I was young then and the problems I thought I had, I wish I had those today.  Finding joy, I think is not as nearly as hard as  it is to maintain  it. But as extraordinary people we must. Well then you may say "Well then I'm gonna have to get rid of everything, person, entity, in my life now that causes me to lose my joy. Now that solution is impossible since we are all connected to the human family as well as the things around us. Did you know that joy only comes from knowing that we are not alone or isolated beings. So my mom was right, finding joy and maintaining joy takes constant attitude adjustments. OMG!!  My mother was right about Everything!! We are on our way to  finding  joy when we really look or become fully  aware of a situation we are in  and then relax. This will allow us to go extensive distances with the circumstances present. When we allow our self to become captivated with things we kinda get this patience outta nowhere. And joy surfaces because it its a part of our inner mind. So we need to be aware of our surrounding and the history of them even when it entered in our life. This relaxation causes time for pleasure. Doing something daily that pleases you.  Letting pleasure be a part of your daily routine will help to maintain your joy. Doing that would be putting care into one self. Some part of everyday should bring joy to you, if only for a few minutes, ten or fifteen even, but consistently, thus making joy a part of your life everyday. Only in this way will we be able to maintain joy. Life is always gonna bring things that quickly cause us to lose our joy. We need to know and practice ways that will immediately return your  joy quickly as possible. Till we learn to manage it as an art and live extraordinary joyful lives. May we all find our joy in everything, our families, marriages, jobs etc and maintain them all.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Letting Go!

The song goes something like this: We've got to be very strong to keep holding on! Well that song was talking about a little something different.  Holding on is very important in various circumstances. But letting go is also just as important. Learning to let go of things is a very difficult task. Because letting go represents some kind of change afterward. It brings on an absence of something we have gotten used too. And change frightens some people. But how you handle change is very important whether it be the changes you initiate or the ones that come and take you by surprise. While holding on can be rewarding letting go can be uplifting, like a cleanse, a refreshment. Just  goes to show in life we need to learn to do a little bit of everything. The holding on, the letting go, it's like finding the balance. Its the balance that brings perfect harmony. Like the Yin Yang symbol complete balance. But letting go is a psychological activity. So I think it's best not to ever make excuses why we can not do a certain thing. We must also remember that just because something is comfortable or familiar to us its the best for us. For example, take your home, it's no doubt comfortable and extremely familiar to you but its a small  two bedroom and you have seven children. Thus making it not the best for your family, even tho its the home you grew up in. Look at letting go as a change essential to keep living an extraordinary life. Everything changes and it always involves letting go of something. Mentally we must commit to accepting the first step of letting go. It could cause some depression or anxiety or other negative feelings. But this is temporary and must be experienced through the transition. If we shift our minds gear and tell our self that all we have was at one time added to us and more likely we let go of something or even someone to get it. Learn to let go of the little things and the bigger things will come easier. Some people have trouble even with the small things, like items they will never use again or things that have just accumulated . Or it may be even letting go of a certain way of thinking that has been comfortable and familiar. Every thing you let go tell your self something better is coming although you my never be able to imagine what it could be. Remember letting go is perfectly healthy and beneficial. We need to learn to keep the balance rather than living a life on tilt. The same strength it takes to hold on, is the same strength it takes to let go. Life has made us strong.  You can do it.  Letting go of the necessary things that is!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Keeping Up!

Keep your head up! Chin up, looking up, feeling up! Anything up is an improvement on a daily basis. In fact the dictionary defines "up" as moving from a lower position to a higher one. This can involve our attitude toward one self.  Sometimes when it comes to our thoughts about ourselves, we  can be a little down on us, the person we are. We may even be our toughest critic. Especially when we have tried  many years to accomplish a certain goal, live a certain way, act a certain way, develop a certain quality or do a certain thing. If these goals have not been met we may feel what's the use in trying? I am never gonna be able to do this. Have you ever felt that way?  I have, seems I stay at square one perpetually, every time I stop to consider where I am in the scheme of  things I'm usually in the same place. This can be so frustrating and cause us to be down on our self instead of up. Then one day I began to put things in perspective. I tried to gain a broader view of myself, my strength's, my weaknesses. What I came up with is bottom line, my inherent imperfection. That no matter how good I tried to be at any single thing, how well I tried to act, how I lived my life or what I was able to accomplish that this inherent imperfection was from time to time is gonna cause me to slip and fall short of what it is I want or wanted to do. But I learned this important thing, it doesn't matter how long we try or rather how long we work at the good of what something is. The sky is the limit, time wise that is. Truth is we will be making adjustments all our lives. The more adjustments we make at anything the better it gets. We may have been trying to do something for years and still feel we are at square one. But in actuality we are probably somewhat past square one. It's just our down thinking on the matter. That's why keeping up is so important. Being aware and continuing to make adjustments is the prime thing. Inherent imperfection is the one thing we cant change. But we can continue to make adjustments by keeping our thoughts up and never giving up our endeavor to improve our self till we become the best we can be as extraordinary people. There is no one so good that he never makes a mistake or slips back from time to time.  Keep a positive view of your self and your imperfections or a better word your limitations. This may take the majority of your life time and mine, but  we can accomplish this if we just keep up!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Living Today To The Full

Live for today, tomorrow is promised to no one!  Seize the moment!! No better time than the present!  So true and so important. This should be our attitude. Why is that? It's been said that yesterday is past, tomorrow is the future and today is a gift, that's why it is called the present! How will we choose to use this present? Well if we are so blessed to see tomorrow, we need to remember that how we decide to use today could have a great effect on our tomorrow. Are there things we need to do today, such as mend a relationship, spend time with someone, say I love you, say I'm sorry, do something we enjoy or finish something we started? The list could go on and on. But the saying goes, don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. To live full productive lives, living today to the fullest is very essential. As extraordinary people, achieving  much in a day's time will leave us with a huge sense of satisfaction.  This in turn will build  up our self esteem  and keep our anxiety level down. We as humans, it's in our nature to put things off continually. Psychologically this  can have a negative effect on us. We are the biggest procrastinators and in our mind we desire to have things done and we are bugged by it until theses things come to pass. They become invisible mental burdens and cause us to become anxious for tomorrow. So now we are overwhelmed which brings on anxiety, then stress, then illness. All these negative emotions come into play. It's like the compound effect, one thing after another but only in a negative sense. What can help?  I've found that making a list or keeping a calendar of things on the agenda for the next day really helps. Planning for the day ahead. Keeping  the size of the list realistic. Be sure it's not so loaded that you will end up exhausted. Don't go to bed angry, mend those relationships. Make it a point to always leave a part of the day for yourself for meditation, and relaxation, even if its only a half hour. You are important, it's during this time that allows you to regroup.  You will find that this adds organization to your day and is a huge stress buster. It keeps your disposition on an even level. And will make you an all around pleasure to be with.  Just a few tips to keep you all extraordinary as possible and one way to do this is to make it a habit by living each day to the full!!