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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Cat in the Hat On Ageing!

Hello Extraordinary people! I have always been a huge Dr. Seuss fan. I nearly own most of his books, but I am still in search of the rarer ones. I came across something on ageing by his infamous character the Cat in the Hat and I just had to share it with you. It went like this:

                                                               The Cat In The Hat On Ageing

I cannot see
I cannot pee
I cannot chew
I cannot not screw

Oh, my god, What can I do?

My memory shrinks
My hearing stinks
No sense of smell
I look like hell

My mood is bad-- Can you tell?

My body's drooping
Have trouble pooping

The golden years have come at last
The golden years can kiss my a--!!!

Bet ya didn't know you had something in common with the cat in the hat. But no seriously tho, the golden years are only as bad as we make them out to be. Gold is good. So lets keep them that way. That's why they are called Golden year's. Have a wonderful day!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

For Your Entertainment !!

Hello my extraordinary friends!  I came across this incredible video of these two very young children dancing!! You wont believe the talent you see at such an young age. They dance as if they have at least 20 years of experience at the tender age of 8 years or younger. Is that even  possible? This video teaches us that their is not a certain look, age or type to anything. You don't have to be or appear what society thinks you should . You just seek and do what you enjoy and do it with zeal and ardor, no matter what it is. You need to see this video for yourself.  These two were meant to dance and to be partners. All I can say is : Fred and Ginger,  look out!! You have finally met your match. No matter how big or small, young or old, we can find immense entertainment in everything and everyone. I just wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Leisure Time

Ah leisure time, a  little R&R, yes rest and relaxation!! Something very much needed and once we have it, we can truly appreciate it.  When was the last time you had a lil r&r with your loved ones ? Why is it we find it so difficult to take a day off from anything? Even when we are at home and  dealing with the typical things like house work and laundry, meal preparation etc.  It seems we move from one thing to another until we find ourselves dead tired  and we just drop from exhaustion.  It is true it's human nature to stay busy, but just like anything else we must find the balance.  Something we will discuss in an upcoming blog.  It's as if we are afraid something will be left undone. We need to get in our heads that if something is left undone, so be it.  Yep, just let it be!  It's good for us, it teaches us that we can't do everything. Somethings must wait. We will eventually get to it.  Like the saying goes, stop and smell the roses.  Sometimes we just need to stop and take in our loved ones, our environment, our thoughts.  As long as we live there will always be things to do and that need to be done.  I remember when my kids were very young, I was so busy caring for their needs that I never really looked at them, they were just a part of a scenario. How I wished I would have just stopped and stared a little longer at their cuteness.  Sometimes I just try to reflect back how they looked when they were a certain age and I cant recall. But I remember the little pajamas they used to wear.  Do you find that the people that are the closest to you or around every day, your loved one's, do  you take their presence for granted? Sometimes we do but are not really aware of what is happening. We can only see it looking back.  Putting a lil leisure time in our life where we absorb our loved ones presence and share it with them is needed as well as a good thing.  Admire their good looks, and their abilities, and personalities, reflect on how and why you love them.  Talk and laugh with them. Do nothing else, choose the good portion. Yes, just enjoy their presence! We shouldn't be so busy that we miss out on a very important time in our life. There will always be stuff to do.  But there may not always be leisure time we can spend with those we love.  Leisure time, put it on the front burner.  Save the laundry, the house cleaning etc. Make leisure time  a quality time with your family a prime thing.  They will so appreciate it before it's too late.  The most valuable  thing we can give anyone is our time. The word leisure means  freedom provided by the cessation of activities, especially time free from work or duties and usually replacing it with something more rewarding or enjoyable. So the next time a little leisure time rolls around, remember this. Stop and smell the roses, you will be so glad you did!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fighting Discouragement

Discouragement always around the corner,lurking, just waiting. Something that attacks us from time to time no matter what. Sometimes we cant prevent it.  Even  with all the extraordinary wisdom we have, it is one of the few things we can't escape no matter what. Well, unfortunately my friends, this will be an ongoing battle as humans living in the times and circumstances we do.  Individually and collectively discouragement is something we will just  have to look at straight in the face. But we must not let it linger or hang around. It's like what we see in our peripheral vision, it will cause us to lose sight of what it is we are trying or needing to  focus on. Therefore bringing on despair and resignation even failure. We may even have the most valid reasons to be discouraged, but will we let it? The guy Nick, in the video a prime example.  We can win out over discouragement. Yes we can gain the victory over anything that discourages us. How? By never taking the attitude of failure. By keeping hope alive as they say. We must never give up, always remembering where there is life there is hope. And always keeping an optimistic view. When someone we know is facing discouragement, we can encourage that one by supporting mentally and even sometimes physically.  Focus with your vision in mind and work hard to be strong and courageous. Something  else that works hard against the fight of discouragement is diet, exercise and proper rest. Deficiency in these areas can cause us to lose our clarity and this can cause us stress which can bring on discouragement and despair. Life has taught me to keep a positive view of things along with keeping the good habits when it comes to diet and exercise. These are  natural stress reducers. In spite of the adversities that life can produce. So fight discouragement, like said in an earlier blog, find that silver lining in every cloud. Maintain good habits. Keep company of those who will be up building, but at the same time remember to be encouraging to others. Remember, we are extraordinary people we can fight the battle of discouragement and win!!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Acchieving Our Goals

Goal's, a long journey of something we set out to do.  Most commonly in the early stages of life. A long arduous road with typically many obstacles or challenges. Some are easy to overcome , some are difficult and then there are the ones that seem outright impossible. But in spite of the challenges that beset us, goals are still obtainable and should continue to be set. By the time we are over fifty and extraordinary we have set may goals in our life. Some we have achieved and others we have relinquished. And as we live we will continue to set further goals. With this in mind,  do you have any goals that you have abandoned?  How bout the one's you are working on? Have circumstances in your life caused you to forfeit something you really wanted to do?  If so, why not re-think what ever it is you have cast aside and consider putting it back on the table. Goal's are reachable. What do we need on our side that despite of the obstacles we face we can overcome them? A strong focal point, that center of concentration. There are always gonna be distractions and other things going on in life that will be there. When we lose our center of focus, we sink.  As an illustration, picture your self in a crowd, the one person you want to get to is at the head of the crowd, the crowd is noisy and moving to and fro, things are going on etc. because of our peripheral vision we can see it all, it all there at the side of what we are looking at.  If you stop for one moment and start to look at the stuff that's distracting you on the side, you are gonna lose sight (even if for a moment) of the person at the head of the crowd you re trying to get too and you may never gain sight of him again or at least for a time. This happens to all of us. In order to obtain our goals we have to keep the main thing the main thing. We have to block out that peripheral vision so to speak. Act like its not there. It may take a while, but where there is life there is hope.  Age has little to do with it. This is the day I can say that!! Because It's been done. Ive waited a lifetime a long time to achieve this goal. I'm proud to share this exciting news with my peers. I've always wanted to be an author of a published book. I'm overjoyed to announce the newly published children's picture the title is: The Chronicles of Princea and Princess Poppa. Now Available on  I DID IT!! Another very important thing is to never give up. Keep your dreams and goals alive. Regain your focus to accomplish that life long goal you always wanted too. I know it can be done and YOU can do it!


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Simplify Life by Winning People!

Keeping life simple, what does it really involve? Is it the getting rid of material things and  moving to a more secluded area? To simplify means to make something easier to do or understand.  Many people, it's been my experience, when they simplify their life they do exactly that.  They stop a certain kind of work. Let go of material possessions and some even relocate. Reasoning how life could be so much easier in the absence of these things. Well, this is a simplifying of sorts.  Diminishing any type responsibility of any kind does make things a bit easier. Down sizing our dwelling places make the caring and upkeep of them that much easier.  Sometimes this kind of simplifying is beneficial for us and necessary as extraordinary people and especially when the family has grown and moved on.  It can be a good thing when our circumstances in life warrant it. But this is not the simplifying I had in mind. I was thinking more of when it comes  to people and our relationships with them. One of the most difficult and complicated things we have to do is deal on a daily basis with people. That's people in general or more intimate relationships such as our mates, children or other relatives. People are always gonna be around, as this is the way we prefer it, most of us any way. Have you ever thought about what's really  involved in simplifying all relationships in general? Opening a way for warmth and acceptance . Not to mention an easier stress free life. Who more than people can really  complicate things and make life challenging on a daily basis? You may be thinking this is impossible because people will be people. True that. So how does one simplify their life when  it comes to people? Simply put, by not judging or criticizing them. If their adults respecting  them as such, or if children by continuing to teach , never criticizing. My mother used to tell me long  ago when I was having any conflict with another person was  just to respect the difference. it really does make a huge difference.  She was trying to teach me not to take things so personal. Especially when there was no benefit in it for me and it was not going to change my life. Judging and criticism only complicates in any dealing with people. It NEVER makes things easier and gets you NOWHERE. Think about it, hasn't life taught us that? It's against the human nature to accept these two things, judgement and criticism. Everyone has a pointing finger with a magnetic tip. When we point ours the one in the opposite direction automatically points back because opposites attract. A natural law that can't be changed. So when it comes to winning people even in the closest relationship judge Not and criticize Not.  Keeping life simple and winning as extraordinary people is  a worthy goal in every area. We will be so happy we did! This kind of lifestyle was never said  any better than the famous  Andrew Carnegie did in his number one best seller and still very popular as well as influential book entitled " How to Win Friends And Influence People." A must read for all over fifty and extraordinary people! I recommend it!!!