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Sunday, April 26, 2015

They Got Game!!!

Hello Extraordinary Friends,  this one is about never stop doing or being involved in whatever it is you love to do.  In this entertaining video, we find an extraordinary person by the name of Uncle Drew and his partner. Doing what they love most, playing basketball. And from the looks of it, much better than their much younger counterparts. It's amazing how young people watch and observe our example and are really impressed by some of what we really can do if we keep our mind to it. Staying active and involved is so important.  We may move from the front line, but the sideline line is always there. This is where the real mentoring comes in. When circumstances prevent us from playing the role we used to play in anything, we can teach and observe from the sideline.  I find the funny thing about growing older is that the same thinking and wishes and desires I had at sixteen are still present with me.  Those things don't ever really leave us, we leave them. Society has us somehow thinking that we are too old now to pursue certain things. We have to remember that we are never too old for nothing as long as we are willing and able to do it.  It's true we make mature sensible choices but we should never stop doing what it is we love or in some way being involved in it. It will keep us alive and moving forward. The saying is true, the older we get the better we get! It's just too bad that we didn't have the knowledge and the insight we have today forty years ago. Boy what a life that would have been, rather than wishful thinking!!! So like dear old Uncle Drew let's keep what ever it is we love to do on  the forefront. We will be so much happier we did !!          PS: Read Below!

OK, OK- Uncle Drew is really a young man just pretending to be an extraordinary person. But from the video you could tell. It was for your entertainment, hope you enjoyed it! But just to show the length some will go thru to appear to be extraordinary people. Everyone want to be extraordinary. We are often imitated but never duplicated!  But the rest is true. So like stated earlier keep doing what you love!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Reading is Fundamental

Reading is fundamental. Or reading is fun.  That was something we were always told as a child. Well one thing for sure it is fundamental to our clarity. Because it supports our mental structure or function of our brain in actuality. Its through reading that we keep building  ourselves up or become aware. We continue to learn, absorb, share, explore through this channel.  Reading forces our brain to continue to function normally. When we read we exercise the muscle of our brain. Because we use it. As we age, everything slows down unless we continue to use it. It is a very easy exercise we can do on a daily basis (and from sitting). It is the only real naturally legitimate exercise from sitting. It will help to keep us extraordinary people sharp, alert and  mentally healthy.  In today's technological advances, many things are taken away. The  things that made us move our bodies. For instance a walk to the mail box. Now we have email that eliminates that physical exercise.  Or for years now, the t.v. and the remote control, we no longer have to get up to change the channel. What a convenience! But what are the draw backs?  We need to become more aware of the things we are receiving versus the things that are being taken away. Even reading has changed through technology, we can now click a button on the computer and things are read to us. Movement is life! So when we read, we move our brains in a sense. Yes we exercise it. Mentally speaking , that's huge. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog. In it I put things I think about and have come to know through personal experience or through the experience of others. I was told a long time ago by someone whom I thought to be a very wise person, to never stop reading. Ahh, but the eyesight soon  starts to fail us and we have to  take out those visual aids, what ever they are . So be it! Without this fundamental activity, where would mankind be? Think about the importance of being an active reader for our entire life.  It closes the gap of every space of boredom, every sleepless night. Oh did I mention a loyal companion?! So many benefits come from reading.  So to continue to thrive mentally and at the same time derive a real pleasure, Read On!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Giving of Advice

Advice, something we all need. Circumstances change inevitably as we age. We can all probably recall the time when advice was hard to take. Some of us had to learn the hard way. My mother used to say, some would go thru  the school of hard knocks. Yes the recommendations of the oldie's was not favorably heard. No matter how old we get, this counsel is always gonna be called upon to a certain degree. So we will look to others whom we feel are adequately qualified to hand it over to us even now. But on the extraordinary end, we tend to seek advice less and less after all we have lived long enough to know how to pursue a better course of action. Life has trained us to know better.  We have arrived at the age where we have become qualified to be  giver's of advice.  And we are now the counselors.  The recommendations for a certain course of action now lay in our hand. We can do this because we have been there and done that. Whats the lighter side of this? Well it's a privilege to grow older, not everyone does it. Oliver Wendell Holmes once said and I quote" The young man knows the rules, but its the old one that knows the exceptions to the rule." So my extraordinary friends, lets give advice to the young and live by the advice we teach them.  Besides we find it enjoyable to give good advice because now we can no longer set the example. It's true as we live we  learn but  we will continue to learn as we have the privilege to keep living.  Be among the best of adviser's.  The best is yet  to be.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Looking Back

Looking back, how beneficial is it for us to look back? I think its human nature to look back or reflect on the past. And in most case's we seem to feel that the past was always better for some reason. When I look back I always remember that the past was at one time  the present then I try to remember if I could how I felt at the moment.  In most cases it's the same as I do now.  What do we learn from reflecting on the  past? The slightest benefit we can derive from reflecting on the past is only  if we learn  something from it and we now make different choices for the better. In reality, then is no better than now when it comes to making wise decisions and mentoring our young to do the same! That should be our only motive for reflecting back. Pondering on things learned in life is not a bad thing. Not bad as long as they are positive. Otherwise we are a prisoner in our mind to yesterday and this can prevent us from moving forward. Life is a forward moving process. Living well and being happy is and has always been our primary motive. And doesn't that go for our past, present and future?  You can never go back and do the things you wish you had done. Bringing back your yesterday is impossible, it's gone. Yes that's right, forward moving and no back tracking. Enjoy the gift of the present now. We need to act, do and say the things we know we should have done yesterday. We now know what they are.  Live life without regrets. Say I Love You today, apologize, spend quality time, forgive, forget, love God now and have a wonderful day! And going forward when you look back at this day you will smile!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Now That I'm Fifty!!

Hello my extraordinary friends. Hope this day finds you doing well! I'd like to share a lil poem I wrote and entered into a contest. Let me know if you can relate to it. Please share, it's called:
                                       Now That I'm Fifty

Now that I'm fifty and my hair's turning gray
My thinking has changed in acceptable ways.

I used to think fifty was nearing the end
Now I'm thinking fifty is where you begin.

When I was sixteen fifty seemed a hundred years away
Now that I'm fifty, sixteen seems but as yesterday

No longer do I look at people of fifty as old
Cuz Im looking pretty good for fifty I'm told

Age they say is a state of mind that you're in
So it seems every state of the union I've been
And now that I'm done I'd like to do them again!

But life teaches us many things as we age
Things we cant find in books at the turn of a page
And now its the performance of us that they gage

They say looking back and hindsight is twenty twenty
No truer words spoken cause back then I could see plenty!

So over fifty and extraordinary I'd rather like to think
Cause I know tomorrow fifty will seem but a blink!!

At sixteen my thinking was always kinda wifty
Now I'm thinking I'm just nifty after fifty!!!

What do you think??!
Just a lil something I wanted to share. Hope you find it amusing!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


One is a lonely number. To be in good company is a wonderful thing. People with others in their life to love promotes longevity.  My extraordinary friends, unfortunately, for a lot of us over fifty we find ourselves alone.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, whether  we are divorced or have been widowed abandoned etc.. After having spent a lifetime with someone we may be plagued with the decision to remarry or find suitable companionship. This is a tough decision, as others we love may be affected by the choice we make. Tough or not it is a personal decision . We cannot deprive oneself of our god given right. We cannot always expect others to fulfill us, we must fulfill our self.  But for the sake of our own happiness we must make a wise choice. Choosing a companion that will be beneficial to us will come easier if we apply the lessons life has taught us. Now that  we have reached the age of  extraordinary wisdom and knowledge, making good choices will come easier. It's not good for the man to continue by himself . I will make a helper for him so says the bible. Why? To complete him it goes on to say. It's normal and part of our natural makeup to want to be with someone. So my dear friends, if any of you are struggling with this decision, think of your own personal needs and not what others need of you. At this age of your life, you no doubt have made a lot of personal sacrifices for others.  Its time to put your needs first place in your life.  The decision should be what makes you happy. Not that you should not take others into consideration but your feelings should be primary.  I know in particular, adult children with widowed parents after many years of marriage to the same mate have a difficult time accepting a new love interest in the life of their parent. This is selfish. So talk to your family member, let them know how you feel. Ask for their acceptance and understanding. But at the same time follow your heart with courage and confidence. Bring back the joy you can have with a companion. Or should it be your choice to remain alone, let it be just that, your own choice.  It doesn't mean that you wont be happy, your contentment may be found in the gift of singleness.  So choose what's suits you best in your own time table. Be  not judged by others. Life is for the living, enjoy it!

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Hello my extraordinary friends!!  Hope this day finds you doing something you have very much wanted to do for a long time. If so that would mean you are experiencing a dream come true. Who says dreams are for the very young?  I don't know who, but I say dreams are for the living . Never stop dreaming.  As long as we are alive we should continue to dream. After all they are just a series of thoughts or visions we imagined we had or would like to have. Sometimes as we age we have a tendency to say forget it.  We let go of our own aspirations or strong desires to achieve  something  great. Why? Because negative forces convinces us that's it's to late or no use in trying.  Have you ever noticed that as soon as we do, someone  or something else enters in our world and stops us from our own personal initiative to fill our time and energy with their own. Yes, that's right we let go of our own passions to fulfill the passion of others. For some reason it's human nature to just give up.  We cannot and should not allow others to make us mentally lazy. We cant become indifferent about the things we have always wanted to do or become. As long as there is life there is hope.  How does the saying go: "If the mind can conceive it, you can achieve it." If the thought still enters your mind, then the opportunity still exists for it to be accomplished. All it takes is a little continued determination to push on. Don't let go of your dreams because they can still become real. An unfulfilled dream is different from a dream forgotten.  Don't be apathetic toward self. I say that to say, I've always wanted to be a writer, a published author. Life has taught me that I am the only one truly and  with a real interest in anything I really want out of life. Some people are polite if they should know, but they don't really care if my life dream happens to me or not. When our circumstances change in life our dreams don't have to go. Remember again where there's life there remains hope. I now although over fifty and extraordinary stand at the threshold of becoming a published author of a children's book. A life long dream about to become a reality.  And the one who will have the most satisfaction from this accomplishment is going to be me.  I just wanted to share that. There have been lots of hurdles along the way.  We have to continue to self motivate. Our hopes and dreams need to be self reliant. So whatever it is you have always wanted to do, don't give up the dream!!  If you have always wanted to speak a foreign language, travel, become something, try something new, remember as long as you dream you keep hope alive. Although it's true and we know that some dreams will never be fulfilled.  Life is life, live it to the fullest and to the very end. So from age zero to over fifty and extraordinary  DREAM ON!!" If you agree with this blog share it!!