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Friday, February 26, 2016


Celebrating good times!! It's human nature. Everyone loves to celebrate something. It doesn't even have to be official, just a reason to have a party. It's only natural to want to have a good time. Yes stepping outside the normal routine and doing something festive or special for no reason. Dont wait for a specific holiday to celebrate, create your own. Bringing smiles to the faces of our dear loved ones and friends will never be forgotten. We need to do this often. Life and its challenges can get you down. There are so many things on a daily basis that can distract us with sadness and negativity. Keeping the right mental attitude will help a lot. We have to make sure that our personal happiness is not dependent on our personal external circumstances. And to remember happiness is an inside job. It comes from within. The more we find to celebrate, the more it will consume our lives and become a natural part of it.  When was the last time you enjoyed a good celebration?  We cant wait for a specific occasion, it may never happen. Because time and unforeseen things happen to us all. Create a reason to a celebration today. Celebrate Everything!! Celebrate life, it is truly a good thing!

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Feelings, an awareness of our sense's. Our feelings are an very important thing. Whether it be a singular feeling or multiple. The dictionary defines feelings as : 1. An emotional state 2. Thoughts of wanting to do something  3. An awareness by our body of something on it or in it. Feelings encompass nearly every minute of our lives. We feel something all the time. Having reached an extraordinary age, I reflect back and remember how often throughout the years how my feelings have changed on the same subject matter. This sometimes affected my life because I made some decisions on how I was feeling at the time.  This has made me think of my feelings from time to time. And I began to question myself, how valid are my feelings? Am I gonna feel differently tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year?  It really made me put my feeling into perspective. Before I base a decision or action on my feelings, I ask myself have I really thought things through? Am I gonna ask myself at a later time "what was I thinking?" I'm not saying this to say our feelings at any time should be discarded because they should not.  But rather they are truly  something to think about. We should never make a big decision when we are upset emotionally. Even when we are distracted and our thinking is clouded, Our feelings can get us in situations that we can later regret. So going forward, before we make a rash decision lets make sure are feelings are intact and solid before we decide. When it comes to our feelings,  lets meditate for a moment to see how they will affect us in the long run. Usually when they change, it's for the better. And we are glad we didn't make a quick decision that can affect us the rest of our lives. Rather than make a decision based on a feeling at the moment, make a sound decision based on thought provoking meditation. This takes time. So when you think of your feelings go deep and go with the gut!!