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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Being Numero Uno!!

Being numero uno is something we all wanted  to be as children. Back then we suffered with always wanting to be first, it was a kid thing. It didn't matter whether it was in line for a drink at the fountain, in the car, to get the treat, or playing a game etc. We always headed for that first place. And if it wasn't a place, we then would yell"I'm first, I called it!" Remember?! It was always that same person who would remember to call firsties. Then the next kid would yell "Second". With these traits present our parents began to teach us to  stand back a little, let others go in ahead. Give the other person a chance to go first this time.  Regrettably so, we may have done it. They knew how important it was to teach us the principal of yielding or humility. Probably one of the more difficult lessons for me to learn as I grew. But the thing of it is, as children we didn't know any better. The thing we always wanted to be first at was the least important things in life. Being first then was just a temporary happiness till the next little thing came along. So teaching this principal to our young is a good thing. It will teach them patience and that gratification is not always instant but  sometimes comes after a great deal of time and waiting. As we live, we learn that balance is needed in this area. Being first tho, does carry its own importance depending on what it is we are trying to be first at. And sometimes it's even very necessary. I think as we got older we learned and began to live this trait too well.  But now it is no longer the juvenile things but rather the more important things. When it comes to people in our lives, jobs, family, friends etc., we yield to the numero uno and let them pass on in front of us while we put off our personal needs and desires. This becomes a habit and we don't realize that it can cause us unconsciously  some  psychological  grief.  It can be the very thing that's bringing us down and we are not even aware. We are no longer children and dealing with issues of trivial matters. But again putting others and their needs ahead of us is a good and noteworthy thing. But only at the proper time. We just need to know where to draw the line, where the true balance lies. The time when numero uno is not and should not  be overlooked. Allowing our selves to be numero uno at the times that really count and matter to us. It  is also  vital to loving ourselves and keeping up in good self esteem. My mother used to say " I cant take good care of you if I don't take good care of me."Now I understand it. That was her way of showing  her me first attitude, which was good for her best interest, which was us as her children. On an airplane ridefor instance, the safety instructions is always to meet your need first when it comes to oxygen then help your child. If we don't follow this advice, our very life could depend on it. These are a few times certainly in life when being number one is of the utmost importance. We all have different circumstances in our lives and all require different times of needs. We need to be aware of when we need to take the first place and do it. As extraordinary people, and for the sake of survival of the fittest,  let us never forget those times when Being "Numero Uno " is  the number one thing to do!!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Judge Not!

Judge not want not! That's how the saying goes.  A fine moral principal. And a swell piece of advice, I might add. Judging others often is just simply what people do in general. We judge something or someone nearly everyday of our lives. Actually, it's human nature.  A nature tho we must fight against to a definite degree. Unless we have been put in the position of judge. That makes the difference. Life has taught me  that you don't win friends by judging others. In reality, it can often destroy relationships. If we are looking to win in life with others, we need to be careful in this area. Depending on the situation, sometimes it's a perfectly a good thing to do, again, IF you have been  appointed judge. And then it just turns into an opinion or thought, so it's like a guess. It doesn't necessary have to be the truth or accurate. Judging is more than a black and white area, there are many shades of grey. When we pass judgment on others is when it can become a grey area. It puts us in the area of determining them right or wrong. People like to decide for themselves what;'s right or wrong. It's an evaluation that we may or may not be entitled to give. And if it's not gonna change our lives, why bother? This can cause a problem, stress, break-ups and more. As extraordinary people, we want to be as stress free as possible. Did you know that being  judgmental also makes us a critic? And when you think of the word critic, it typically means one who finds fault or complains in most cases. There's not a human alive or at least I've yet to meet that one who  will readily accept a negative comment or accept the blame about himself without defending himself. That's human nature. It is automatically rejected. Daily I myself fight this tendency, because again it's human nature to judge. But  I still find it futile and completely ineffective to judge others. If we gain a reputation of sorts of being  this way, it wont draw others to us. If it's not our prerogative to determine if something or someone  is good or bad, it's better not to make ourselves the judge of it.   I think people better appreciate us for not doing so. Like my mother always used to say " respect the differences" and she was so right.  I really had a hard time with that in the beginning. Especially growing up in the household with my siblings. But life has made me so much a better person with that.  And I am grateful, it is true as you live , you learn and better late than never. If it's later, it just affords us the opportunity to look back with clear hindsight and see the lesson that needed to be taught the one we may have missed. After all hindsight is 20/20. So my extraordinary friends, Judge Not, Want Not.  I think we will all be better appreciated for it!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hobbies, remember when they were really popular? It seems that everyone had one or always in the process of picking a new one.  Where I grew up there were hobby shops. Always kinda neat to visit. These shops stayed busy. They had such interesting things in there to and to see. And if something was not your interest or hobby, it made it seem worth while to consider  taking it on. Kite flying, gardening,scrapping, ceramics, stamping, train collecting you name it countless things to consider. Frankly, inside the hobby shops, my hobby was just looking at all of it, I enjoyed it and it relaxed me. But then there were other hobbies outside the shop, the physical hobbies. Even tho my mom had to do it for a large family certainly not her hobby, but cooking some took on cooking lessons as a hobby, (it wouldn't be mine either)some type of dancing(a really good one), collecting, golfing, bowling, singing, biking, mine and my sister's as young girls was roller skating. Growing up on the east coast, it was in rain snow sleet or hail, rollerskating could not be missed.  And a pleasure it was! Exciting, kept us thin and active and something to look forward too each week.  But why do I bring up hobby or its plural hobbies, cause you can have more than one. Purely as a reminder. The definition of hobby is: A pursuit outside of ones regular occupation. Even more appropriate meaning would be a pleasure pursuit outside of ones regular occupation.  Yes very different from one's regular job or occupation, even tho many enjoy their jobs. The reason I bring it up is because we live in very stressful times. There's lots of pressures on families, marriages, folks in general. We should even encouragement our young to take on a worthwhile (safe) hobby. There is plenty of time spent worrying about things, doing busy work etc. Very few people have anything that they eagerly anticipate doing or an activity they get involved in each week in  pleasure seeking way. To have a hobby could have so many healthy benefits. As extraordinary people it would keep us that way. Refreshed and most likely relaxed often. In a good frame of mind. A good hobby would bring down our stress level, bring us closer to our children, our mates or others. We could always do hobbies together. It would add new and interesting associates in our life. Find a new love in a person place or thing. Relieve us of a lot of stress, (I said that twice because it's so true). Give us something more worthwhile to do and look forward too. Keep our minds and bodies active. A new hobby could open so many new doors.  What former hobbies have you had? Can you return to that one or try something new?  Hobby's are worth maintaining and should never be let go. Why not pick a new one up or at least try an old former one? You'll be so glad you did. Here is a little encouragement  for all times: Pray when you feel like worrying, Give thanks when you feel like complaining, Keep going when you feel like quitting!! And with your new hobby to look forward too, there will be no time left for any such negative pursuit!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Saying Thank You!!

Thank You, a common expression  used when someone has complemented us or done us a kindness in some way. It's also two of the first words we were taught as young children to say. As well as the two words we taught our young to say. A very important expression and two of the most powerful words in the English language. It also warms the heart of the listener, motivates him to smile and a follow up comment of "you're welcome." These two words we have also used our whole life as a reply. They even build our self esteem, when we thank some one or some else thanks us. Truly a feel good expression. But as extraordinary people, can we change the natural trend? After all we are the trendsetters. I've learned that saying "you're welcome "is not the best response to the words "Thank You". Not the most positive.  Not the best words? What words could be better or more positive than that? Well think about it. I know when said "Thank You" that is, it communicates genuine warmth and appreciation among all of us. And we all like to be  or feel appreciated, don't we? But again,what could be better then saying "You're Welcome?" Well how about with the same, a resounding "Thank You!" After all, unlike I love You which is reserved for close friends and family where as Thank You is for every one. It will have a positive as well as pleasing affect on all who is in line to receive one. My mother practiced this. She was quick to return the same with an added compliment and thus the gratitude was endless. When you return a Thank You for a Thank You it sets the stage for a warmer interchange between others and its your way of expressing your appreciation for the greeting you received. This will open the way for many other positive expressions that encourage and build up. It evens out the plane, whereas You're Welcome ends the gratitude and Thank You the gratitude continues to grow. For instance if someone says you" Good Day! A far more positive response would be " Thank You, and good day to you too!!" This leaves both parties feeling grateful for the kind expression extended to each one. And gratitude leads to joy. Joy to happiness. Yes returning a Thank You with a Thank you will have a strong influence in our lives as well as others. So far better than the two words You're Welcome, practice exchanging it with another Thank You! Each receiver will be ever so thankful you did! Thank You, I really appreciate all my readers as well as followers. Have a pleasant day!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Being Generous Extraordinary People

Being generous, by now if we have been reasonably productive in our lives, we have acquired many things. Not only materially but also in other ways such as mentally. We have been so enlightened on life itself.  We truly now know whats important. When you hear the word generous people tend to think right away of  sharing a material asset. But this is not always the fullest and truest definition of generosity.  By the time we become over fifty and extraordinary we have a wealth of others things or at least access to other things. Such as what, you may ask? Well it could be knowledge or time or space and more. Depending on where life has taken you top the place you are now. Generosity can be covered in a lot of areas of our life. As mentors of our young,we can show them that generosity covers every vital energy. Such as showing kindness and concern to others when it comes to forgiving. Can we forgive more?  A listening empathetic ear. Can we listen more? We have so much to offer others as extraordinary people. It can all come from a chair we are sitting in. We don't have to move around to be generous. It can come in the form of time and energy given to others but sometimes not. Sometimes its just connecting from heart to heart. Sharing what we know that can be of benefit to others. We truly are extraordinary in every sense of the word. We have so much to give. A great legacy for our young and not just ours but any who shall cross our path. Let's continue to give, not till it hurts but till it feels better and better. Our young will thank us in so many ways for so long. It will make us happy. Happiness keeps us thriving. May our generosity expand above and beyond the call of duty!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Public Opinions!

Public Opinions, do they really matter? How much of an impact on your life could they really hold if any? How close are public opinions and our reputations? I tend to think that our reputation is pretty much tantamount to the public opinion others hold about us, whatever it may be.  Whats yours on any given subject? I'm gonna tell you what I think and this is purely my very own opinion. Yes, one That I'm making very public through this blog. It depends on what it is being discussed and  where and if  we are concerned. It it gonna change our life? Because when it comes to certain choices that are ours to make and it's our prerogative, to me  it doesn't matter what the public thinks. When we live our lives in a law abiding way, public opinion becomes nothing more then a personal opinion held by many who is not even in a position to pass their opinion. And if they choose to do so, It's not important.  Every one is entitled to his or her own opinion. that's why we each have our own.  There are certain things about our lives that are public and of course there is the private sector.  Kept in their rightful place we should not encounter a problem. It's only when we start making public what should be kept private. Now when we take into consideration a celebrity involved in a law breaking activity that becomes public knowledge, then public opinion will become something you will need to worry about. It will affect his or her life emphatically and rightfully so. It can destroy, make or break you. If you are well known and held in high esteem by the public in general, than it can really matter. Especially if public opinions changes and makes you appear in opposite of the way you have been viewed by the public. So in my opinion, public opinions matter to any who have made the private sector of their life public in a small circle or larger one if you are famous. The definition of opinion is : a view, judgement or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter or person. A view formed in the mind. That means it's possible that it may not be true, but then again it may be truth. Life is so much simpler when we choose not to be judging others. We certainly don't want others to judge us. So in a nutshell if we want to gain good friend and keep them, then we should keep our personal opinions to our self. Just saying!!!