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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Goal Setting!

Goals, something so very important to me. Ive blogged on this before. I believe that if goal setting is not taken seriously, it can have a negative effect on what we could actually achieve. Although it's  a long journey of something we set out for. A long arduous road with typically many obstacles or challenges. Some are easy to overcome, some are difficult and then there are the ones that seem outright impossible. We can liken it to a trip of many miles. It all begins with the first one. As long as we continue  on our mission will be eventually accomplished.  There may be challenges, we may be travelling in the winter. But in spite of the challenges that beset us, goals are still obtainable and should continue to be set. With this in mind,  do you have any goals that you have abandoned?  How bout the one's you are working on? Have circumstances in your life caused you to forfeit something you really wanted to do?  If so, why not re-think what ever it was you have cast aside and consider putting it back on the table. Goal's are reachable. What do we need on our side that despite of the obstacles we face we can overcome them? A strong focal point, that center of concentration. There are always gonna be distractions and other things going on in life that will be there. When we lose our center of focus, we sink.  As an illustration, picture your self in a crowd, the one person you want to get to is at the head of the crowd, the crowd is noisy and moving to and fro, things are going on etc. because of our peripheral vision we can see it all, it all there on the side of what we are looking at.  If you stop for one moment and start to look at the stuff that's distracting you on the sidelines, you are gonna lose sight (even if for a moment) of the person at the head of the crowd you re trying to get too and you may never gain sight of him again or at least for a time. This happens to all of us. In order to obtain our goals we have to keep the main thing the main thing. We have to block out that peripheral vision so to speak. Act like its not there. It may take a while, but where there is life there is hope.  Age has little to do with it.  Because It's been done. Regain your focus to accomplish that life long goal you always wanted too. Set new goals. I know it can be done and YOU can do it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Anniversary!! 1 Year!!

Happy Anniversary to me, Happy  Anniversary to me!! Today marks the first anniversary of my  "Over 50 and Extraordinary"  blog. October 21, 2014.  So too all those whoe have shared that last year with me: Happy Anniversary!!  To all my followers, It's been a wonderful year of reflecting, learning and excitement together with you.  Thank you for being there and, allowing me to vent. I hope you have enjoyed some of my venting.   In celebration over the last year I have been creating my own inspirational quotes.  The  things I have learned and shared over the last year. Here's is one for each month since the start. I hope you enjoy them. It's my year in a nutshell.  My own reflections in  inspirational  quotes:

October- Dreams are just imagined realities in your heart waiting to become real in your life!

November- Hope is realizing and believing the best is yet to be.

December- Humility means allowing yourself to be at a disadvantage and enjoying it.

January- Patience will keep us from ever losing our joy.

February- Love means believing your loved one's are  perfect, inspite of their  shortcomings!

March-  Having a great attitude excels a great accomplishment!

April- Winning is everything when we are talking about relationships!

May- Being understood is as needful to someone  as the air we breathe!

June -Laughter is the harmony in life, as harmony  is to music?

July-  I am important, remember to tell yourself that daily.

August -   Happiness is a choice- Choose it!

September-  Good Habits are better than motivation.

October-  The mind set has a lot to to with success.

Looking forward to another year of reflections and growth!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Happiness Now

I'll be happy when...  I get a better job, get married, a new car, a new house etc. etc etc. Have you ever made that statement? Most of us have have, it's quite common. When I reflect back on how many times I made that statement (in the past), It's mind boggling. Life has taught me that I was postponing my own happiness. I no longer use that statement or rarely if ever  and I forget. Yes, it's true I was deciding not to be happy until my external circumstances were 100 percent to my liking. It also makes me think how many times I could have been content in life  and wasn't. I remember my Dad telling  us all the time of the wonderful  and most of them simple things he would do when his ship came in. I used to reply that his ship was the Titanic (it wasn't coming) and he would laugh. His ship never came, but his life did end. Somehow I knew then it was better not to put things off till our circumstances were completely favorable. Life has taught me that happiness postponed is sometimes  never realized.  We have to decide to be happy now amid whatever circumstances we are having. Yes Iv'e learned that Happiness is an inside job and not dependent on any external circumstances. It's a mindset and attitude adjustment we must make.  We may not choose our present set of circumstances, but being that they are present we  must mentally adjust with them till they are past. Some of us have learned and live by this rule, but still others struggle with being content until all is favorable. Did you ever ask someone  how they are doing with something and they reply "I'm coping"? If so, that is a smart reply because to cope means to deal successfully with.  We must decide to be happy now, with what we are and what we have. So remember happiness is a inside job. Yes it starts within our mindset. Want happiness now, it can be done!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Music, what an impact it has on our lives. It has a strong motivating force on our lives. Everyone loves the sound of music. From the very beginning of our lives from  infants in the womb there is a noticeable effect.  I remember even  now, if I hear a certain song, it will bring back my wedding day. Or something from my childhood, a memory of my parents, perhaps it was a song they used to like. I associate certain songs or music with happiness or sadness, we all do. How sweet it is, soothing to our heart and soul. But it can also make us feel downhearted if we allow it. All types and varieties, from classical to pop and more, music is a gift. Like love if you take away the language, it's all the same. It's universal. Interesting, isn't it? Not one person who has lived that have not been affected by music. It takes us back to a certain time in our life, an event, brings back memories of yesterday. Life and even death. It's associated with everything. If we were to take away music altogether, it would render life boring, bland and very dull.  It livens our spirit. Without it most all would be depressed and life -less.  It's safe to say that music is very therapeutic. It's necessary as air, that's why we have it. It's to be enjoyed!  Let us use this gift in music to keep us strong, upbeat and positive. On days when we are feeling a little low, let music's mood altering effect help change that. We can even set the home stage atmosphere with a little back ground soothing sound of music. Think of the music that brings back happy memories and relive it. Move to the beat of the sound you like to hear. It reduces stress and can put a crowd all in the same mood instantly! Ever notice that? Music is a great thing! Let it work it's charm on  you. So sit back and enjoy some relaxing music on me today! If you like it let me know!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Remember Everyday !

Going forward I wonder what could I do to improve my life? After reflecting on what I could have or should have done differently, this is what I came up with. Things  needed to remember everyday. What are they you may ask?  That's just it, how quickly we forget or take for granted. If we  could remember everything we were suppose to remember  and act on it,  it would make us better people and our lives much richer. First off , when we awaken each morning,  it's another day of life. Remember to count  the blessing!  Life is good, be thankful. Remember to give thanks!  We have all received so many things in so many ways from other's. Remember to be generous in our time, energy and resourcesRemember  when we are having the time of our lives, there are others who  are dealing with the worst times. Remember to pray for them. We all make mistakes, none of us are perfect. Remember to be forgiving.  We all learn things and come to appreciation of certain things at different times. Remember to be patient.  When we think of the problems we may have and start to complain. Remember, some would give anything to trade their set of problems for yours. We were created with the need to be loved and to feel loved. Remember to say: I Love You to your loved ones.   Happiness is contagious. Remember to smile. And you are sure to get one back.  Manner's are important, they make us extraordinary. Remember to be kind.  If we remember to do these things everyday, then we are sure to have joy of heart constantly. And the added benefit of a longer and happier  life. Remember everyday is that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Laugh A Little

Hey, have you found that life itself has squeezed you in to a mode where you now find laughing is difficult?  Well, if difficult is not a good word to use, lets say it just doesn't come up or happen as often as it used too or should. If you stop to realize on an average a day, how many times you laugh, a good laugh, how many times on  a regular basis can you come up with? What about yesterday? It's a tough job. I must say about myself, that yesterday I can't even recall laughing any. That's pretty sad. I'm basically on an average a pretty happy light-hearted  person, with a pretty good sense of humor. But whats going on with laughter? It seems for the most part it's retreated in to some distant cave. There's so much going on in life and the news that what we generally hear isn't funny. This maybe true, but laughter is essential to our good health. It's vital that it is not eliminated. I've blogged a couple times before about this necessary characteristic, back in October of 2014, On Laughing LOL and May of 2015, Laughter, Truly The Best Medicine. It can heal the sick. I read just recently that just fifteen minutes of laughter each day decreases stress, massages our insides, lowers blood pressure and more. So quite beneficial it is for us on a daily basis and it's free. I bring it up again because  you can't have a happy life if there is no laughter.  It affects the balance, laughter must be entertained. Sounds funny but true. Here's a little something funny I heard once:  A lady storms into a private detective's office, upset  and in a state of disbelief. Demanding an interview. As soon as laying eyes on the detective she went off in a tirade. When she stopped the detective was able to finally get a word in calmly and said: Mrs, just what do you want me to do?  The woman demanded: I want my husband and that woman followed!! I want them followed night and day!Then,  I want a complete report on what she sees in him!!  lol. It made me laugh. Wasn't fifteen minutes of laughter but it's a start.  So look for the funny side of the street. Laugh often , live long. Have a funny day!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Being Successful

My favorite definition of success is this:" The correct or desired result of an attempt". That to me is the most fitting because success covers a broad range of areas.  The first definition or thought that comes to the mind of most is the definition having to do with wealth  or business.  But really when you think about it, success has something to do with every role we play in life.  There is success in family life, social, parenting, cooking, care giving, marriage,career, business, teaching and the list could be endless. Certainly not just the business aspect or the wealthy as I'm sure you all know. We could be the most truly successful people of all time in a lot of areas but have no wealth at all.  Take parenting, marriage just to name a few. It just happens that sometimes we don't on a daily basis put most things into perspective and bring them close to home as to how we should view them. When we reflect back on the successful greats as well as nobles, that has been born and past, we learn that success is an achievement and not a gift. Anything that is achieved is something that is sought after earnestly and continually. Yes, it's the result of hard work, and continued effort. and as we age we continue to take on new roles, maybe a second marriage, gain step children. New roles bringing on more hard work at which we will try at best to be successful. Any of us can be successful at any role we play if we are willing to put in the hard work.  It may even seem at times it's not appreciated, but should not make our effort any less, even tho we may not feel up to keeping it up. Also we may already be very successful at the different roles we have played throughout our lives, an  on going effort.  So as extraordinary people being successful is an ongoing effort and achievement we have accomplished at one point or another. Remember, have a successful day!!