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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Disagreements are going to arise. No matter how hard we try to avoid them with others, it cant be done. From the very beginning of man, disagreements have arose. And disagreements are part of imperfect mans fiber. What is mans fiber? It's our essential structure or character. It's what became inherently inevitable. Like nature, cant remove what's natural.  They cant be avoided, disagreements that is. So since they are going to be there, what can we do?  Unfortunately, it takes about the first fifty years of our lives to accept this. This  is evident because its only after then that we learn how to handle or deal with them successfully them or we no longer care. Up until then it seems we fight for every right or redemption of ourselves personally. This is especially so in relationships. Yes, life has finally taught us how to handle them and to be at peace.  Because its not always necessary that we come to an agreement on everything or matters in life.  We all have our opinions or belief systems  that will effect us as to what we will agree with or not agree with.  How do you deal with disagreements as they arise? Do we really need fifty years? For those of you who are not yet over fifty and extraordinary could benefit from those of us who are. Using wisdom is always the beneficial course to take. Sometimes it's just necessary to accept another's view or perception of a matter. It pursues peace and respect. I remember my mother used to tell us to learn to respect the differences. If we didn't go along with something, the one with the right to decide had the final say. If we learned this then our relationships will be a lot better. In worse case scenario and you felt that you must reach an agreement, then she would say: "Just agree to disagree."  There now we are all in agreement. Disagreements can cause a lot of discontentment in our life if we let it. But as extraordinary people we have moved beyond petty grievances.  By not allowing disagreements to interrupt our peace.  So let us all if we have too for the sake of peace, let's just agree to disagree and move on. If you are in agreement, share your comment!