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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Why Smile?

I could give you a million reasons why smile. As an extraordinary person I learned long ago smiling is a very good thing. Smile is one thing that is recognized universally. Like love it means the same thing in everyplace, culture and nation. Like love, you give it, you will get one in return most likely  any place and anywhere.  It can do wonders for your health.  A smile often times is a prelude  to laughter. Laughter massages the inside. Its good for the heart, boost the morale of others and as was already stated very contagious. You give one you will get one back. Smiling throws off positive energy. It puts everyone at ease. A smile invites others to trust, move in closer. A smile lets others know you care. It tells others you are content or happy. Smiling communicates so much. Did you know that if you write a letter to a friend they can tell if you were smiling when you wrote it. You've heard the expression,"grin and bear it."  It can get you through the most precarious situations with ease as well as comfort. A smile is a beautiful thing, if you see someone with out one, give them one of yours. S is for Super, M is for magnificent, I is for irresistible, L is for lovely, E is for everyone, that's a smile for you.There are so many benefits from smiling. It's rewarding. If you want to live longer then:  Smile,Smile,Smile!