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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Being Nice

Nice guys finish last! That's what people say. Well whats the benefits of  finishing last? The journey is extended. Perhaps along the way you helped someone finish ahead of you. A truly nice person is not afraid of being last. Because they are confident that what they need will be met at the end. People who are genuinely nice receive kindnesses from others.  Being nice is a 24 hour job. When you are nice you show you value how others feel, so its easy to put others ahead of you. A nice person listens and lets another person talk about themselves. There is nothing you can substitute for being nice. Either you are nice or not. Being nice takes a lot of humility. This is something that cant be faked. It is always genuine. It also shows tolerance. Yes there are many benefits that come from being nice. But being  genuinely nice is the key to happiness. My mother used to say " charity starts at home and then spreads abroad. " So we must start by  being nice to ourselves first. Then we can extend niceties to others. Do things that make you happy. Did you know that if you sing every morning upon rising, it will make you happy and cheerful all day long. Even listening to music.  Listen to something funny.
These are things that cheer us naturally. It's easier to be nice if you are in a good mood.  Anyone can be nice sometime, but it takes a special person to be genuinely nice all of the time. This means doing random acts of kindness on a regular basis. Oh the rewards of being nice are plentiful.  So make being nice a habit. Make it  a lifelong practice. Sow seeds of niceness, you will be so glad you did!!!