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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Merriam Dictionary and Thesaurus defines peacemaker as a person who helps to prevent or stop an argument, fight or war. How qualified that definition is.  By the time we become over fifty and extraordinary, this is a quality we need to have acquired by now.  I'm still learning tho just what it takes to be a genuine peacemaker. Because there are some  and will be days when this is a real challenge for all of us. But I have learned the challenges can be conquered.  The benefits we get from being peaceable is outstanding.  Yes, it yields a large reward.  But just how easy is this to do? Not. Well we are all working on something. But working at being peaceable is certainly admirable and worth the effort. It takes a lot of humility on our part. Having humility will give us a huge edge on being  peaceable. We cant take our selves to seriously. We need to set the example for our young.  They are ever watching. Sometimes it means just plain ole being wronged, or inconvenienced but yielding and forgiving by looking the other way.  If it's not gonna change our life, then we can do this. That's where the true humility comes in and why we have lived long enough to become extraordinary people.  It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Consider the benefits. It will improve relationships with our closest and most intimate associations. Our environment will be better, the air will always be clear.  We will be physically healthier, always remembering we need to do everything necessary to keep healthy. It will naturally keep our stress level down anxiety etc.  Our genuine happiness will stabilize in life. People will constantly be drawn to us cause it will make us easy to be with. We can even help unite others that  need to be united. Yeah, the benefits of being a peacemaker are endless. Something to think about, huh?! It's so worth it my friends. So the next time someone test out  your peace-ability, take the challenge head on and win! Yep, let it be that as far as it depends on you Peace Out!!