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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hot Fun In The Summertime!

Summertime, Summertime, Summertime! The good ole  Summertime! They say the living is easy in summertime. Oh yeah!  Here we are mid summer 2015, my how time flies. And phew! It is hotter for some than other's. For me, I'm roasting here , it's 100 degree's in the shade and then some.  We all have to be careful of the heat intensity we have to endure.  There is a strong need to be mindful of how hot we allow ourselves to get. Heat is not good for you in prolonged periods of time. So therefore  my Extraordinary friends, remember to stay as cool as possible during these hot summer days. Also we need to remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of cool refreshing drinks.The number one recommended drink is that good ole H2O and others like ice tea, lemonade, smoothies, slushies and the like.  Carbonated beverages are appealing but if we limit them our thirst will be quenched much longer. Those drinks have the tendency to make us thirsty. Sometimes tho we just need that fizzle. Then I think the next best thing is the sparkling water's that come in the different flavors. Try some of those if you haven't. When it comes to water, that is playing in it, I'm still a kid at heart. I love the water parks, raging waters, soak city, bring em on!  Oh the joy's of summer, I scream, You scream We all scream for Ice Cream, Yeah! Who doesn't like ice cream, I've yet to meet someone who doesn't.  But the calories, Oh my!! Remember to get out and walk in the early park of the day when its the coolest it's gonna get for that day! Not only will you enjoy it but you will burn a lot of calories.  I do hope you have been having a glorious summer and my wish for you is that it may continue. Yes, all that hot fun in the summertime!!!!