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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Down Time

Down time. Just what exactly is down time? I think it means to take time out from the norm. Just another expression for laying back, taking it easy, a lil rest and relaxation. People are generally described  by their personalities. I've learned that some personalities like to go go go. They have to keep moving. Sitting still is not something they can do well. It seems they have a lot of nervous energy. I could be one of these people, I don't like idle time. I personally like to be busy. The thought of staying in my pajamas all day seems to me every bit as abnormal.  But I've learned that this type of personality is not healthy. Worth while activity is good, but still, it's good to stop and just reflect. Take it easy sometime, especially when pressures abound. Just when we think we got the rat race under control, somebody throws in another rat. Statistics sadly show that people with this type of personality on the go, always moving are good candidates for heart attacks and strokes later in life. And research study has shown that this is how they end up. This type of personality is not good for anybody. I also learned that our life circumstances can give you this type of personality. Family responsibilities sometimes can have you constantly on the move, never a dull moment as they say. Thus making the pace at which you do things constantly and quickly becoming a habit. These consequences are dire. Who wants to go there? Certainly not me or anyone for that matter.  So after thinking about this, I said to myself that down time is suddenly beginning to look like a good thing. As extraordinary people, we've gotta use good sense, we want to live  fulfilling and productive lives. We need to use wisdom in the choices we make. Finding the balance again is the key. We all need to gain control of our own time.  If we are guilty of allowing other  people to dictate how we use our  time, it needs to end. It's human nature to try to control the time of others. But for our own good, we need to take a closer look at having down time and the benefit's we can get from it. It can come in many forms, a lil break, ten or fifteen minutes here or there. When fighters are fighting in the rink, they stop periodically for a lil down time. Otherwise they could not continue in there best form. I want to be in my best form always, so I'm thinking bout staying in my pajama's one day real soon. Under the new things I've considered, I will probably enjoy it. Hey, maybe you should try it too or maybe get  a lil more of it.  Even God rested on the 7th day. Yep He took some down time. He  also said in his word that there is a time and place for everything. I think that would include down time. So be the best you can be, take a a little down time when you need it. I'm sure you wont regret it!!!