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Monday, December 29, 2014

Social Networking

When I think about the social network and what technology has done for it, it's mind boggling. And it continues to grow constantly with new channels opening up almost daily.  Then I think about the span of time it has taken to get this big is also mind blowing. If we reflect back just ten years ago, it was nearly unheard of.  Its no wonder people today who has gone beyond fifty and extraordinary is so intimidated by it. Or if not intimidated just not as accepting as those of younger years. What has happened to the days when we really made new friends? When we really sat down to write a letter, send a card? What about when we would stand in the yard and talk to a neighbor? Oh I think those days were so much better! Now a friend is made with a click of a button. The reading of a profile and accepting it verbatim. Things are quite different now. Socializing was something we did in person. How many of you miss that?! Now it's done through a click of a button on a computer. Granted there are some awesome people out there that we read about. But are we really friends? Do you really feel that sense of friendship? My opinion is and it's just my opinion that if technology goes at the rate its going that we will be forced into a robot like world. A world where everything is programmed and controlled.  Nothing will feel real anymore. But rather more like artificial. I always enjoy the feeling of warmth you get from a true friend in time of need or encouragement. I'm sure many of us extraordinary people still have those kind.  They truly are to be cherished.  Hold them dear. They will become a rarity. Why they are the very ones who can reminisce with us about yesterday. Bring back my yesterday! If only that were possible. The truth of the matter is, that technology, although it sets us back in some ways, it is also beneficial in others.  The thing is when we are experiencing the benefits of modern technology we don't think about the positive things new technology have changed that we wished had remained the same. Like my dear old mother used to say"you cant have everything". And I used to say "why not?".  So I think it better to move ahead with the times. I must be a part of at least five social net working sites. And a piece of work it is. Like my blog here. Just another social net work.  But I do enjoy blogging. I hope I'm making some good friends and they are enjoying hearing what I have on my mind!  So I guess its true, you have to got through some of the bad to get to the good.  And if that be through social net working, then let it be!