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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Best Things in Life

Oh we all know to well how that saying ends. I don't know who penned that statement originally, but I do know that  it's age old. And it is as unique as it is old. The best things in life are free!! Even as an extraordinary person as far back as I can remember, that saying has been expressed. Used to express the sentiment in simple pleasures derived from seeing, doing or having the most pleasures from the simplest things. The times spent with someone we hold dear. Receiving refrigerator art, a walk in the park, giving ,sharing, helping, etc. A picnic lunch that consist of simple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and water lying on a blanket next to a child, spouse or other loved one can be counted as a simple pleasure. Simple pleasures are the best. If you don't have any, make up some. It's not that complicated. From watching the sunrise to enjoying a starry lit sky at night. An extreme simple pleasure for me is walking hand in hand on a cool night. How refreshing! From this we learn that a lot never is needed but only a little.  When we go all out putting a lot more work into things than is necessary, we tend to miss the real joy of it. Often times it leaves us too exhausted to enjoy the event itself. By now life should have taught us to do things spontaneous. Favorable circumstances are rarely present together. Carp Diem! Seize the moment! It's said that their free because we don't have spend any resources or just a very little but only our time and not very much energy and we get the best feeling from doing so. Sometimes we are on the receiving end and the full pleasure becomes ours. The good thing about it, is that there is no limitations.  The sky is the limit. So now is the time  to indulge yourself like never before. Yes, the best things in life are free, but are they things?  Certainly not. If I could rephrase the statement, I would say: The best things in life are not things! Simply put they are the simple pleasures that come from the ones we love the most. So do things in the simplest form now, don't hold back by waiting on favorable circumstances. Life is too short.