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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Been Gone A While ! I'm Baaaack!!

Hello my dear Over Fifty and Extraordinary friends!!!,  I'm Baaack!!! Its been a while since my last post. I may have been gone but guys have not been forgotten. You have been on my mind daily. I have had to take care of some significant things that have kept me away from posting. I hope all is well with you and yours. I have certainly missed our little chats or blogs. My wishes are that you all are proceeding on in your plans whatever they may be. If you should experience some  or are having setbacks always remember that they are temporary. Just as they began , they will also end. This is a lesson we should have learned by now. Makes us unique in knowing that. Nothing good or bad last forever. I've learned the true meaning of due process. Everything in life involves a time element. I was just telling my Son the other day why patience is so important. It just helps us to deal with the things that must take place in their own time and being impatient does not speed up the process, but adds misery to the natural order of things as you wait it to run its course. So why add misery to something that may not be going as well as you like? Good question huh? I have lots of things to share and will do so in time as I gather my new thoughts together. I'd love to hear from you about whats been going on with you and what you would like to do. Please feel free to share. So I hope I haven't lost you because I have a lot more to share as it feels good to be back!!!