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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Being Grateful

Having an attitude of gratitude is just as important today as it will be going forward. Showing ourselves grateful and thankful is something we should make a life long goal. It should also be a daily practice. Something of utmost importance to remember is we can never move backwards. We can never take back something we wish had never occurred, but we can move forward doing better. Yesterday was the past, tomorrow is the future, today is a gift, that's why it is called the present. We want to be thankful for this gift.  We want to express love and kindness as well as appreciation to those who are a part of our present and close to us that need to feel and know it. Tomorrow is promised to no one. This may not always be simple to do but must be done. Life is so uncertain, as the saying goes : Here today, gone tomorrow! Many people speak of a future time as though its a promise. But the fact remains, we have the present, life can change from one moment to the next. Sadly the other day I watched a man on  T.V. on the one year anniversary of his wife's death pass out cards to virtual stranger's telling them they were loved and special. He outwardly admitted that he felt bad because during the time his wife was alive, He never showed love, appreciation and gratitude for her that he should have.  He appeared to be a really nice man.  Also  he told the world now what a wonderful loving, generous and caring person she had been in her life to other's. Some people was moved to tears, as I was also.  I guess somehow doing this helped ease the guilt of his conscience he must have felt for not being the person for her should or could have been.  Although he told the world, apparently, She never knew. How sad.  We don't always get second chance's. Sometimes we get what we deserve, and sometimes we just get what we get.  Life is best lived with fewest regret;'s as possible. As a reminder to myself and other's, be grateful, show love and appreciation in the present.  Let others in our life know now while they are alive and can appreciate just how they are regarded and how we feel about them. Remember now is the time. Don't let the world know, let them know.