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Monday, December 14, 2015

A Winning Attitude

ATTITUDE IS  EVERYTHING especially if its a winning one.  But what is a winning attitude? This for me was probably the hardest and longest lesson learned as an extraordinary person. And guess what? It requires constant and daily adjustment on our part. It can make or break us. It can even save our lives. It's a simple thing but yet it can be so complicated some times. Therefore, our attitude is something we need to give serious attention. It's like a habit in general. We need to develop good habits.  If our attitude is good overall, we will thrive and fair much better. If it's tainted in any way or need adjustment we will have much more anxiety and stress. We need to cultivate the right attitude in not only relationships with others but other aspects of life as well.  I have found that no matter what problem I was enduring, that it only became easier to cope with once  I changed my attitude regarding it. The problem didn't seem as surmounting or overwhelming as it had been before.  There have even been times when I no longer considered it a problem. The saying is true, life is only 10 percent of what happens to us, but 90 percent how we respond to it. It's our attitude. Our attitude can change everything. Although it be a simply said  thing and not easily done. Therefore we need to make minor adjustments daily until they become habitual. The right attitude can eliminate certain problems entirely. Its true a winning attitude is a positive one. So as extraordinary people we need to do what it takes to maintain a winning attitude at all costs. Let go of what bothered you yesterday. Get a new attitude today. Remember change your attitude, change your life!!