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Monday, December 21, 2015

Overcoming Animosity

Dealing successfully with our enemies is a challenge worthy of conquering. While it is no easy task because we have to deal with our own resentment and humiliation, it can be done. We don't ever get even with our enemies.  Reflecting back on how I handled these kind of situations left a lot be desired. I didn't have enough modesty or as last talked about  humility. Did I mention maturity?  But little did I know that the most important lessons needed to be learned would come later in life.  An important reason why the young should listen to the older or should I say the extraordinary people. We could save them years of grief and discontentment. Diplomacy is something that we should all practice not only in business, but also in life in our relationships. I once heard it said" Cede an inch, Cinch a mile." How true that is. We need to rise above things and follow it up with kindness.  Envy and jealousy eats us up from the inside. We allow our enemies rent free space inside of us and they cause a lot of internal damage. Evict them in sense. How?  By choosing kindness instead. Look for it in places you never expect to see it. Your enemy. Repay meanness back with kindness. It really is truly an old old principle. And goes alone with the golden rule  do to others as you want them to do to you. Same principle really.  So one sure way to overcome bad blood is to ignore it. Act like you don't even notice it exist. Show kindness instead. This is not to say you should not apologize or make amends because we should and move forward. But don't make matters worse by putting on display the advantages we may have. I've learned that humility and modesty so very important. Overcoming and dealing with animosity will ensure a longer healthier extraordinary life!