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Friday, December 18, 2015

Rewards of Humility!

It's hard to be humble when you are as great as I am!  Just joking. The greatest that walks among us today are humble. In fact, there is no true greatness without humility. Having humility makes us great. It's a a characteristic that is greatly admired in an individual. Humility assures success.  This lowly quality, I found very difficult to attain. It wasn't until I came into constant association with an individual who was truly humble that I was able to see the depth and the richness of this quality. Why is it so difficult for people in general to practice this quality?  At one time I used to think it was better to be or feel important until I learned that life is better lived humbly. I felt that nice guys finish last as they say. They do finish last, but not necessarily in last place.  Having the attitude of humility generally works best because we can have things or circumstances in our life that humbles us or knocks us down a notch or two. This can be quite disheartening. You know a humble person is never knocked down. He expects what he gets and believes in himself enough to keep trying. He recognizes the balances in business, behaviors and relationships, not to mention his own limitations or weaknesses. He takes the low place and knows that he could only be invited in one direction or one way to go and that is up. His consideration shown to others makes you want to put him in an elevated and important position. A humble person is the kind of people we are truly attracted too. They are the ones we want to work for.  Because they are grateful for everything you do.  While they are being served, they insist on helping. They believe  you are important and endeavor to make you feel that way.  In turn you strongly admire them and their way. Compliments roll off of them and return to you. They love your company, even if its not good. they have the ability to see and understand people, things or situations clearly and intelligently. Because with humility comes discernment. There are truly rewards to being humble. A worthwhile quality to reach for. Yes, it's greatness that's comes with humility. So if we want to be great, we have to be humble!