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Monday, March 23, 2015

Being Brilliant

The dictionary defines it as great ability or magnificent. How can we define brilliance in relation to intelligence? What does it take to be brilliant? How many of us will achieve brilliance ? After we become over 50 and extraordinary? It's possible. As long as we live we learn. Believe it or not , not many of us can claim to be brilliant.  Or should I reword that and say , how many of us will act with brilliance as we age? Even with age on our side many of us may have not led a brilliant lifestyle or will ever. But now alas we have brilliant thinking ability. Is it too late to become brilliant people? It's never to late for anything, the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. We are now mentors, we can teach our young to be brilliant. This they can easily accomplish, all it takes is a listening ear. With that they can live a life of ease. It is  just that simple. This opportunity is open to everyone. Not just those who can afford something better. The kind of brilliance that can give us all equality. Is that even possible?  It's been said that the smarter you are the better off you will be.  What kind of smarts?  Book knowledge? But I'm not talking about higher education. I'm talking about the education that living a life on a day to day basis teaches each one of us. Kinda like common sense, something that's known by many, not a rare thing. But even today, its been said that common sense is not so common. This is because many choose to live by their own standards and not what is commonly acceptable.  True, life experiences of ourselves as well as others happen to us every minute of our lives. We hear of other's life experiences. Some are good and some are not so good. Do we learn from them?  We should, these are the very thing's that determine how brilliant we will be or become in the life that remains yet ahead of us. As extraordinary people, we must act with brilliance. No secular education can teach us what life does. My mother use to say"What I cant teach you life will." And this is the truth. So the next time you give your young some solid advice. Don't say"" Be smart", because smart people learn from their own mistakes. Rather, tell them to be brilliant. Because brilliant people learn from the mistakes of others. What a better way to learn a difficult lesson in life. This is the  type of brilliance we want to pass on!