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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Decisions, Decisions, always one to make. The making of them will forever exist. Some you only have to ponder for a moment. Others for a lifetime. Every decision we make affect our life in one way or another either for the good or for the bad. As an over fifty and extraordinary person, what have I learned about the decision making process is that the importance of a decision should be considered before the decision is made. As I reflect back, there were some I should have given a lot more thought. Some should have been given prayerful consideration. And then I recall those that I put too much time and thinking in that didn't really matter. Life has also taught me that indecision is just as bad as making a wrong decision. Decisions must be made carefully, with the proper amount of fore thought. But they must be made. Indecisiveness leads to insecurities. This is an age old dilemma, Shakespeare once pondered the question: To be or not to be, that is the question. If we live a lifetime of this, it can rob us of our mental stability and cause us to be fearful lacking confidence. And unfortunately as we age the decisions we must make become more of a serious nature because they involve our health or our residence, finances, etc. Yes, I've found as we age, believe it or not that the decisions we are required to make are much more complicated. So its important the we (extraordinary people)after all these years learn the art of decision making. Learning this art we will fare much better. Lead a less stressful life. We will become stronger and more emotionally confident.  Acquiring this decision making habit will allow us to face head on the things we must and not put off. When we put serious decision making off, we can suffer more serious consequences in the long run. There was a saying and I quote" when you think long you think wrong." Now some things do require a lot of thinking, but the point is there is an appropriate amount of time to the decision making process for whatever it is.  I have a friend who put off the decision of having hip surgery for fifteen years. It was always talked about, visited several surgeons got a few different opinions but never made a sound decision and continually put it on the back burner because she couldn't decide, only now to face unavoidable and must have surgery with the prognosis far worse than she was given ten years or even five years ago.  If you all remember one of my previous blogs on having regrets. How we need to learn to live with as few as possible is good advice to consider.  So my dear friends, even in the face of fear, pray for courage and decide affirmatively how you will do things. And I think you will find what I have found that once the decision is made you will feel, think and be a lot better off. Don't forever limp on two opinions. Life and time is precious. You will be so happy you did.