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Monday, October 5, 2015

Laugh A Little

Hey, have you found that life itself has squeezed you in to a mode where you now find laughing is difficult?  Well, if difficult is not a good word to use, lets say it just doesn't come up or happen as often as it used too or should. If you stop to realize on an average a day, how many times you laugh, a good laugh, how many times on  a regular basis can you come up with? What about yesterday? It's a tough job. I must say about myself, that yesterday I can't even recall laughing any. That's pretty sad. I'm basically on an average a pretty happy light-hearted  person, with a pretty good sense of humor. But whats going on with laughter? It seems for the most part it's retreated in to some distant cave. There's so much going on in life and the news that what we generally hear isn't funny. This maybe true, but laughter is essential to our good health. It's vital that it is not eliminated. I've blogged a couple times before about this necessary characteristic, back in October of 2014, On Laughing LOL and May of 2015, Laughter, Truly The Best Medicine. It can heal the sick. I read just recently that just fifteen minutes of laughter each day decreases stress, massages our insides, lowers blood pressure and more. So quite beneficial it is for us on a daily basis and it's free. I bring it up again because  you can't have a happy life if there is no laughter.  It affects the balance, laughter must be entertained. Sounds funny but true. Here's a little something funny I heard once:  A lady storms into a private detective's office, upset  and in a state of disbelief. Demanding an interview. As soon as laying eyes on the detective she went off in a tirade. When she stopped the detective was able to finally get a word in calmly and said: Mrs, just what do you want me to do?  The woman demanded: I want my husband and that woman followed!! I want them followed night and day!Then,  I want a complete report on what she sees in him!!  lol. It made me laugh. Wasn't fifteen minutes of laughter but it's a start.  So look for the funny side of the street. Laugh often , live long. Have a funny day!!