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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Music, what an impact it has on our lives. It has a strong motivating force on our lives. Everyone loves the sound of music. From the very beginning of our lives from  infants in the womb there is a noticeable effect.  I remember even  now, if I hear a certain song, it will bring back my wedding day. Or something from my childhood, a memory of my parents, perhaps it was a song they used to like. I associate certain songs or music with happiness or sadness, we all do. How sweet it is, soothing to our heart and soul. But it can also make us feel downhearted if we allow it. All types and varieties, from classical to pop and more, music is a gift. Like love if you take away the language, it's all the same. It's universal. Interesting, isn't it? Not one person who has lived that have not been affected by music. It takes us back to a certain time in our life, an event, brings back memories of yesterday. Life and even death. It's associated with everything. If we were to take away music altogether, it would render life boring, bland and very dull.  It livens our spirit. Without it most all would be depressed and life -less.  It's safe to say that music is very therapeutic. It's necessary as air, that's why we have it. It's to be enjoyed!  Let us use this gift in music to keep us strong, upbeat and positive. On days when we are feeling a little low, let music's mood altering effect help change that. We can even set the home stage atmosphere with a little back ground soothing sound of music. Think of the music that brings back happy memories and relive it. Move to the beat of the sound you like to hear. It reduces stress and can put a crowd all in the same mood instantly! Ever notice that? Music is a great thing! Let it work it's charm on  you. So sit back and enjoy some relaxing music on me today! If you like it let me know!! Enjoy!!