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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Anniversary!! 1 Year!!

Happy Anniversary to me, Happy  Anniversary to me!! Today marks the first anniversary of my  "Over 50 and Extraordinary"  blog. October 21, 2014.  So too all those whoe have shared that last year with me: Happy Anniversary!!  To all my followers, It's been a wonderful year of reflecting, learning and excitement together with you.  Thank you for being there and, allowing me to vent. I hope you have enjoyed some of my venting.   In celebration over the last year I have been creating my own inspirational quotes.  The  things I have learned and shared over the last year. Here's is one for each month since the start. I hope you enjoy them. It's my year in a nutshell.  My own reflections in  inspirational  quotes:

October- Dreams are just imagined realities in your heart waiting to become real in your life!

November- Hope is realizing and believing the best is yet to be.

December- Humility means allowing yourself to be at a disadvantage and enjoying it.

January- Patience will keep us from ever losing our joy.

February- Love means believing your loved one's are  perfect, inspite of their  shortcomings!

March-  Having a great attitude excels a great accomplishment!

April- Winning is everything when we are talking about relationships!

May- Being understood is as needful to someone  as the air we breathe!

June -Laughter is the harmony in life, as harmony  is to music?

July-  I am important, remember to tell yourself that daily.

August -   Happiness is a choice- Choose it!

September-  Good Habits are better than motivation.

October-  The mind set has a lot to to with success.

Looking forward to another year of reflections and growth!!