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Monday, October 19, 2015

Happiness Now

I'll be happy when...  I get a better job, get married, a new car, a new house etc. etc etc. Have you ever made that statement? Most of us have have, it's quite common. When I reflect back on how many times I made that statement (in the past), It's mind boggling. Life has taught me that I was postponing my own happiness. I no longer use that statement or rarely if ever  and I forget. Yes, it's true I was deciding not to be happy until my external circumstances were 100 percent to my liking. It also makes me think how many times I could have been content in life  and wasn't. I remember my Dad telling  us all the time of the wonderful  and most of them simple things he would do when his ship came in. I used to reply that his ship was the Titanic (it wasn't coming) and he would laugh. His ship never came, but his life did end. Somehow I knew then it was better not to put things off till our circumstances were completely favorable. Life has taught me that happiness postponed is sometimes  never realized.  We have to decide to be happy now amid whatever circumstances we are having. Yes Iv'e learned that Happiness is an inside job and not dependent on any external circumstances. It's a mindset and attitude adjustment we must make.  We may not choose our present set of circumstances, but being that they are present we  must mentally adjust with them till they are past. Some of us have learned and live by this rule, but still others struggle with being content until all is favorable. Did you ever ask someone  how they are doing with something and they reply "I'm coping"? If so, that is a smart reply because to cope means to deal successfully with.  We must decide to be happy now, with what we are and what we have. So remember happiness is a inside job. Yes it starts within our mindset. Want happiness now, it can be done!