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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Finding Contentment

Finding contentment in life can bring true joy and happiness.  It's been said that contentment makes poor men rich, and discontent makes rich men poor.  But it is not something that can  be bought like merchandise. Being content means being easily satisfied and pleased with something we have presently. However contentment can cover a lot of areas in life. I ask myself how often am I personally content with most things?  When I get what I want, am I quickly looking for something  else to closely follow? Do I find it not enough? Or Do I  need something else to complete what I have just received?  Most people find contentment hard to obtain. I was pondering this and asked myself how can one find or learn this quality.  How beneficial it would be to extraordinary people and otherwise. It could mean the matter of  having good health and bad. But I find the one thing that the majority of people are discontent with is the amount they have from a material standpoint. Somehow, many think that their life will result from the things they possess until life teaches them otherwise. So I did some looking into finding and maintaining contentment as an extraordinary person and would like share it with my contemporaries. I learned that good friends add to our contentment, however, it is possible that we can have friends that can undermine it as well. I also learned that our contentment must come from things other than what money can buy. That would include having a close knit family, feeling secure and being satisfied with what you presently have, not what you are seeking to gain. True contentment comes from having an spiritual aspect in our life. Riches does not supply true contentment. Love and family contributes greatly to contentment in life. The point I'm making is this, whether we have a lot or a little materially we can have true contentment in life by loving people, keeping an grateful attitude, making the best choices when selecting friends  and having a spiritual quality in our life. So let's find contentment and embrace it, it's a good thing!!!