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Monday, December 8, 2014


Opinions, mine is mine and yours is yours. That's what they say. But what is said is not what is respected by some depending on whom you are sharing your opinion with. This is the case even after we have been asked to give our opinion.  It has been said that strong opinions have been the seat of great controversy. What I've come to learn as an extraordinary person and you would probably agree, that expressing our opinions as is our prerogative have destroyed a many relationships and caused  problems among family members, friends, acquaintances and even the public. From protesting to even riot's. So what should we do?  To give our opinion or not to give our opinion, that is the question. What I never understood is that  why most cant just agree to disagree.  After all an opinion is not necessarily based on actual knowledge but rather just what one thinks of something, someone or another subject. The dictionary states it best when it says: a carefully thought out conclusion based on facts, but without the certainty of knowledge. So opinion's are not right or wrong. But rather a personal thought of an individual with not necessarily enough knowledge.  But if we are to live with less stress and peaceably with the people we run into constantly and those of whom we are the closest, unless we are asked it is better to keep our opinions left unsaid. Life has taught me that expressing opinion's causes stress and anxiety in our life. And stress and anxiety is certainly something we would want to let go of. It's not healthy and it's not worth it. Being over fifty and extraordinary has taught us so much. We can live long, healthy, satisfying lives by putting into action the things we have learned. We must remember we can't sweat the small stuff. So the next time you are asked to vocalize your opinion, tread lightly. It may be even a better idea to plead the fifth. I would never change my opinion to suit others and neither should you.  We as people need to learn to respect the differences.  To keep things clam, just as I stated earlier we need to agree to disagree. That puts us on a common ground in spite of the differences.  But again this is just my opinion. I respect the fact that it may not be shared by most. Let me know what you think!!!