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Monday, December 1, 2014

On Ageing !

You know reflecting back , now that I am fifty-something. I look back at this whole ageing thing and I wonder how did I get here so fast?!?!?  Does it seem that way to you too ?! Seems like yesterday I was just twenty-something. They say time flies when you having fun!!  Well based on that, I guess there have been some fun times along the way. But taking in this whole ageing thing there is a lot that goes with it. It's also said that age ain't nothing but a number. Relatively speaking that's true, because it always refer to a number,or length of time an era etc. When we think of it in this way, it kinda puts the word "age" in different perspectives. Not always on just how old we are. For instance, take us over fifty and extraordinary people. We have reached a period or stage in life where we are considered middle age. We have passed through a particular era together. Now we benefit from the wisdom of age. Some of us from appearances sake age quickly, while some of us appear to be ageless or not so quick. It's also been said that some of us improve with age. A persons level of attainment is measured by age.  Everyone as well as everything matures with age and on and on it goes. We were created with the mindset to go on.  Something we can't do without is  ageing. So I agree with the aforementioned, age ain't nothing but a number. Furthermore, I think I like it. From what I'm getting from this whole ageing process is the older we get the better we get.  Also that ageing is a good thing. Consider the alternative.  It's nothing to fear but to be welcomed. It brings many blessings in a sense. Again, it's something that requires a little adjustment in our thinking. We can stay young at heart and be active mentally and physically throughout our entire life.  Now is the time for us to be our best and healthiest and happiest. We know so much more. We are our own priority. We have come to the age of wisdom. Wisdom means the ability to use the  knowledge we have learned. This is how we are wise. I'm thinking if I had to give up everything I know now and go back to a particular age of more youthful vigor with the absence of knowledge. I think I'd choose knowledge.  In the bible the Psalmist petitioned: " show us just how to count our days in such a way that we may bring in a heart of wisdom".  What a beautiful request.  That's what I would like to do. The one thing I've learned about ageing is this. It can't be beat. Time passes, day after day, year after year.  It's something we must do gracefully. So ask yourself, to be happy, healthy and full of life " what's age got to do with it?" I say absolutely nothing!!!!