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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Music- How sweet it is!!!

Music, from any generation can be a pleasure as far back as Mozart. Today's music,  my how it has changed. So much so that we don't want to let the music of yesterday go. That's why we got old school. Even the very young today can appreciate the good music of yesterday. Something about how things were yesterday. We look back and we think that the pass was always better. No matter what we are talking about, the grass was greener,  the food tasted better, and even the literal days seemed longer and the music was better of course. I don't know why that is. My parents felt the same way about their day. But music is the one thing that tells me that I haven't changed. I still love music and in some ways it has not changed. It still does what it has always done for us. I have always been a lover of music of all kinds, that includes country, rock, jazz, classical and the list goes on and on. I learned to appreciate at an early age that truly talented people exist  in every genre.  I am so glad I did. My wedding song was a country song, because the music and lyrics were just perfect for my perfect day. And to exclude a certain type of music would be cutting our self short of a real enjoyment we could be having. Speaking of music, it is so therapeutic, it is something that is mood altering. It can take us to the highest high and bring us down to the lowest low.  There is one song that I have been hearing on occasion  my entire life that no matter how many times I hear it, it will always and forever induce me to tears. There may be a few but there is one in particular no matter the circumstances I hear it under makes me cry. Its very sad so I try to avoid it if possible. But there are others and many of them that does just the opposite and along with the lyrics will get me up on my feet every time or make me feel good. Music is good for the soul. We respond to music in a way so subtle that we are not even aware of. It's influence is so strong that we need to be careful. It can almost be likened to a powerful drug. If we choose wisely the benefits will always be good. It will bring us inner peace, joy and tranquility. It can wake us up or lull us to sleep. It makes us want to get up and move, to celebrate. I love to dance and I always will. Dancing to music is very good exercise that's good for our body and mind. I've found it beneficial to play soft background music at dinner time. It set's the mood. I've notice that family is more open and talkative. It will lift our spirits when we are feeling a little low if we play the right kind. So the next time we need a little boost in our spirits, don't hesitate to put on some good music to do just the trick. Be careful in your selections. Music will keep our outlook positive and upbeat.(lil play  on words there).  So my over fifty and extraordinary people, let music and the movement it insist on be a part of your daily activity. It's a great stress reliever and motivator. So let music do just that, keep us moving and don't stop. I'd like to share a relaxing moment with you, close your eyes and listen to the music video attached and indulge yourself for a few minutes in the serenity that it will bring you.