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Saturday, April 4, 2015


Hello my extraordinary friends!!  Hope this day finds you doing something you have very much wanted to do for a long time. If so that would mean you are experiencing a dream come true. Who says dreams are for the very young?  I don't know who, but I say dreams are for the living . Never stop dreaming.  As long as we are alive we should continue to dream. After all they are just a series of thoughts or visions we imagined we had or would like to have. Sometimes as we age we have a tendency to say forget it.  We let go of our own aspirations or strong desires to achieve  something  great. Why? Because negative forces convinces us that's it's to late or no use in trying.  Have you ever noticed that as soon as we do, someone  or something else enters in our world and stops us from our own personal initiative to fill our time and energy with their own. Yes, that's right we let go of our own passions to fulfill the passion of others. For some reason it's human nature to just give up.  We cannot and should not allow others to make us mentally lazy. We cant become indifferent about the things we have always wanted to do or become. As long as there is life there is hope.  How does the saying go: "If the mind can conceive it, you can achieve it." If the thought still enters your mind, then the opportunity still exists for it to be accomplished. All it takes is a little continued determination to push on. Don't let go of your dreams because they can still become real. An unfulfilled dream is different from a dream forgotten.  Don't be apathetic toward self. I say that to say, I've always wanted to be a writer, a published author. Life has taught me that I am the only one truly and  with a real interest in anything I really want out of life. Some people are polite if they should know, but they don't really care if my life dream happens to me or not. When our circumstances change in life our dreams don't have to go. Remember again where there's life there remains hope. I now although over fifty and extraordinary stand at the threshold of becoming a published author of a children's book. A life long dream about to become a reality.  And the one who will have the most satisfaction from this accomplishment is going to be me.  I just wanted to share that. There have been lots of hurdles along the way.  We have to continue to self motivate. Our hopes and dreams need to be self reliant. So whatever it is you have always wanted to do, don't give up the dream!!  If you have always wanted to speak a foreign language, travel, become something, try something new, remember as long as you dream you keep hope alive. Although it's true and we know that some dreams will never be fulfilled.  Life is life, live it to the fullest and to the very end. So from age zero to over fifty and extraordinary  DREAM ON!!" If you agree with this blog share it!!