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Monday, June 15, 2015

Leisure Time

Ah leisure time, a  little R&R, yes rest and relaxation!! Something very much needed and once we have it, we can truly appreciate it.  When was the last time you had a lil r&r with your loved ones ? Why is it we find it so difficult to take a day off from anything? Even when we are at home and  dealing with the typical things like house work and laundry, meal preparation etc.  It seems we move from one thing to another until we find ourselves dead tired  and we just drop from exhaustion.  It is true it's human nature to stay busy, but just like anything else we must find the balance.  Something we will discuss in an upcoming blog.  It's as if we are afraid something will be left undone. We need to get in our heads that if something is left undone, so be it.  Yep, just let it be!  It's good for us, it teaches us that we can't do everything. Somethings must wait. We will eventually get to it.  Like the saying goes, stop and smell the roses.  Sometimes we just need to stop and take in our loved ones, our environment, our thoughts.  As long as we live there will always be things to do and that need to be done.  I remember when my kids were very young, I was so busy caring for their needs that I never really looked at them, they were just a part of a scenario. How I wished I would have just stopped and stared a little longer at their cuteness.  Sometimes I just try to reflect back how they looked when they were a certain age and I cant recall. But I remember the little pajamas they used to wear.  Do you find that the people that are the closest to you or around every day, your loved one's, do  you take their presence for granted? Sometimes we do but are not really aware of what is happening. We can only see it looking back.  Putting a lil leisure time in our life where we absorb our loved ones presence and share it with them is needed as well as a good thing.  Admire their good looks, and their abilities, and personalities, reflect on how and why you love them.  Talk and laugh with them. Do nothing else, choose the good portion. Yes, just enjoy their presence! We shouldn't be so busy that we miss out on a very important time in our life. There will always be stuff to do.  But there may not always be leisure time we can spend with those we love.  Leisure time, put it on the front burner.  Save the laundry, the house cleaning etc. Make leisure time  a quality time with your family a prime thing.  They will so appreciate it before it's too late.  The most valuable  thing we can give anyone is our time. The word leisure means  freedom provided by the cessation of activities, especially time free from work or duties and usually replacing it with something more rewarding or enjoyable. So the next time a little leisure time rolls around, remember this. Stop and smell the roses, you will be so glad you did!