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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fighting Discouragement

Discouragement always around the corner,lurking, just waiting. Something that attacks us from time to time no matter what. Sometimes we cant prevent it.  Even  with all the extraordinary wisdom we have, it is one of the few things we can't escape no matter what. Well, unfortunately my friends, this will be an ongoing battle as humans living in the times and circumstances we do.  Individually and collectively discouragement is something we will just  have to look at straight in the face. But we must not let it linger or hang around. It's like what we see in our peripheral vision, it will cause us to lose sight of what it is we are trying or needing to  focus on. Therefore bringing on despair and resignation even failure. We may even have the most valid reasons to be discouraged, but will we let it? The guy Nick, in the video a prime example.  We can win out over discouragement. Yes we can gain the victory over anything that discourages us. How? By never taking the attitude of failure. By keeping hope alive as they say. We must never give up, always remembering where there is life there is hope. And always keeping an optimistic view. When someone we know is facing discouragement, we can encourage that one by supporting mentally and even sometimes physically.  Focus with your vision in mind and work hard to be strong and courageous. Something  else that works hard against the fight of discouragement is diet, exercise and proper rest. Deficiency in these areas can cause us to lose our clarity and this can cause us stress which can bring on discouragement and despair. Life has taught me to keep a positive view of things along with keeping the good habits when it comes to diet and exercise. These are  natural stress reducers. In spite of the adversities that life can produce. So fight discouragement, like said in an earlier blog, find that silver lining in every cloud. Maintain good habits. Keep company of those who will be up building, but at the same time remember to be encouraging to others. Remember, we are extraordinary people we can fight the battle of discouragement and win!!