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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Letting Go!

The song goes something like this: We've got to be very strong to keep holding on! Well that song was talking about a little something different.  Holding on is very important in various circumstances. But letting go is also just as important. Learning to let go of things is a very difficult task. Because letting go represents some kind of change afterward. It brings on an absence of something we have gotten used too. And change frightens some people. But how you handle change is very important whether it be the changes you initiate or the ones that come and take you by surprise. While holding on can be rewarding letting go can be uplifting, like a cleanse, a refreshment. Just  goes to show in life we need to learn to do a little bit of everything. The holding on, the letting go, it's like finding the balance. Its the balance that brings perfect harmony. Like the Yin Yang symbol complete balance. But letting go is a psychological activity. So I think it's best not to ever make excuses why we can not do a certain thing. We must also remember that just because something is comfortable or familiar to us its the best for us. For example, take your home, it's no doubt comfortable and extremely familiar to you but its a small  two bedroom and you have seven children. Thus making it not the best for your family, even tho its the home you grew up in. Look at letting go as a change essential to keep living an extraordinary life. Everything changes and it always involves letting go of something. Mentally we must commit to accepting the first step of letting go. It could cause some depression or anxiety or other negative feelings. But this is temporary and must be experienced through the transition. If we shift our minds gear and tell our self that all we have was at one time added to us and more likely we let go of something or even someone to get it. Learn to let go of the little things and the bigger things will come easier. Some people have trouble even with the small things, like items they will never use again or things that have just accumulated . Or it may be even letting go of a certain way of thinking that has been comfortable and familiar. Every thing you let go tell your self something better is coming although you my never be able to imagine what it could be. Remember letting go is perfectly healthy and beneficial. We need to learn to keep the balance rather than living a life on tilt. The same strength it takes to hold on, is the same strength it takes to let go. Life has made us strong.  You can do it.  Letting go of the necessary things that is!!!