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Friday, September 25, 2015

Saying HELP!

HELP, a useful word, very useful indeed. How do you feel about saying help?  We may not mind saying help but that don't always mean we will get it or get enough of it.  Or we may not even get it when we need it. Maybe you are even to proud to ask for it. You have probably heard the saying it goes like this: "Sent for you yesterday and here you come a riding in today". Those things may be true, but I have learned having the proper view of help by asking for it, receiving it or accepting it can be very beneficial to us. Life as it is and will remain will at sometimes require us at some point or another to need help. Those of us with too much pride will have to work on having  this proper view of help a little harder. We will get overwhelmed from time to time, but help is good in any way shape or form. Help is on the way, there is strength in that statement for those of us waiting for it. When we request help we tell ourselves and others that we are aware of our limitations. And it sends to the rescue the sources of strength and courage outside of us. When we get the help it gives the power back within us to go on. There are so many circumstances in life that we may require help, our children may be afraid of the dark and we have to help them get thru the night, we may have too much or not enough work, we may be going through a difficult time, a tough job, we may need to understand something a little more clearer. The list could go  and on. Yes the need for help is everywhere. It's o.k. to request the  help needed. Don't be ashamed to ask for relief you could be getting. It's something also that will 'help"keep us balanced. Don't let too much pride keep you from getting it. There are  powers outside of us just standing in the sidelines waiting to be called on.  They must be reckoned with. "Help" is a gift. I don't believe any of us could exist without it. But as extraordinary people, not only is it a good thing to get the required help we need but also to extend it to others.  Help is a circle that just goes round and round and should never be broken. So today, if you need help in any way, show your strength and ask for it or if you can give it, do so, you will be so glad you did. I hope this helped.  Put saying "Help" in the proper perspective and take advantage of this extraordinary external gift of  power!!! You deserve all the help you need!!