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Friday, September 18, 2015

Finding Joy

Having a feeling of great happiness, that's joy. A wonderful thing I might add. Although finding joy and maintaining it are  two different things.  Why is it once we find this joy maintaining it presents a challenge?   My mother used to look at me whenever I was in one of those moods as shes called it and would tell me "You need to change your attitude." Boy I was young then and the problems I thought I had, I wish I had those today.  Finding joy, I think is not as nearly as hard as  it is to maintain  it. But as extraordinary people we must. Well then you may say "Well then I'm gonna have to get rid of everything, person, entity, in my life now that causes me to lose my joy. Now that solution is impossible since we are all connected to the human family as well as the things around us. Did you know that joy only comes from knowing that we are not alone or isolated beings. So my mom was right, finding joy and maintaining joy takes constant attitude adjustments. OMG!!  My mother was right about Everything!! We are on our way to  finding  joy when we really look or become fully  aware of a situation we are in  and then relax. This will allow us to go extensive distances with the circumstances present. When we allow our self to become captivated with things we kinda get this patience outta nowhere. And joy surfaces because it its a part of our inner mind. So we need to be aware of our surrounding and the history of them even when it entered in our life. This relaxation causes time for pleasure. Doing something daily that pleases you.  Letting pleasure be a part of your daily routine will help to maintain your joy. Doing that would be putting care into one self. Some part of everyday should bring joy to you, if only for a few minutes, ten or fifteen even, but consistently, thus making joy a part of your life everyday. Only in this way will we be able to maintain joy. Life is always gonna bring things that quickly cause us to lose our joy. We need to know and practice ways that will immediately return your  joy quickly as possible. Till we learn to manage it as an art and live extraordinary joyful lives. May we all find our joy in everything, our families, marriages, jobs etc and maintain them all.