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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Keeping Up!

Keep your head up! Chin up, looking up, feeling up! Anything up is an improvement on a daily basis. In fact the dictionary defines "up" as moving from a lower position to a higher one. This can involve our attitude toward one self.  Sometimes when it comes to our thoughts about ourselves, we  can be a little down on us, the person we are. We may even be our toughest critic. Especially when we have tried  many years to accomplish a certain goal, live a certain way, act a certain way, develop a certain quality or do a certain thing. If these goals have not been met we may feel what's the use in trying? I am never gonna be able to do this. Have you ever felt that way?  I have, seems I stay at square one perpetually, every time I stop to consider where I am in the scheme of  things I'm usually in the same place. This can be so frustrating and cause us to be down on our self instead of up. Then one day I began to put things in perspective. I tried to gain a broader view of myself, my strength's, my weaknesses. What I came up with is bottom line, my inherent imperfection. That no matter how good I tried to be at any single thing, how well I tried to act, how I lived my life or what I was able to accomplish that this inherent imperfection was from time to time is gonna cause me to slip and fall short of what it is I want or wanted to do. But I learned this important thing, it doesn't matter how long we try or rather how long we work at the good of what something is. The sky is the limit, time wise that is. Truth is we will be making adjustments all our lives. The more adjustments we make at anything the better it gets. We may have been trying to do something for years and still feel we are at square one. But in actuality we are probably somewhat past square one. It's just our down thinking on the matter. That's why keeping up is so important. Being aware and continuing to make adjustments is the prime thing. Inherent imperfection is the one thing we cant change. But we can continue to make adjustments by keeping our thoughts up and never giving up our endeavor to improve our self till we become the best we can be as extraordinary people. There is no one so good that he never makes a mistake or slips back from time to time.  Keep a positive view of your self and your imperfections or a better word your limitations. This may take the majority of your life time and mine, but  we can accomplish this if we just keep up!!!