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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Doing Nothing!!!

Doing nothing, you say! Over 50 and extraordinary people should never be found doing nothing. Why not? It's not about nothing, it's about being balanced in everything. Doing nothing is not a sin. It's not anything we should feel guilty about. As I reflect back,one of the biggest challenges in life for me has been finding the balance. I really think it impossible as long as we are imperfect people. By now we have worked so long and hard at doing something and we continue to work. If then doing nothing becomes a guilty pleasure, then let us indulge ourselves on a regular basis. I used to feel that as long as I was awake I needed to be being productive. I tried to push this habit on my family. My family would leave the room if they were sitting idle and saw me coming. They knew I was going to find something for them to do. How wrong I was. I have since apologized  to them and now they can at times truly enjoy the pleasure of my company.  Not that being productive most of the time is wrong, its just  about being balanced. To even things out or make equivalent on both sides, and having not to much of something or not to little even in the things we choose to do.  See how difficult finding the balance can be?!?  So when it comes to doing nothing, there is an art to it. We owe it to ourselves to find out how to master it. It may save our life one day. It has to become just as important to us, as caring  for the needs of our children, our family or even our jobs. For everything there is an opposite.  We need to set a regular time for it. When I say doing nothing, I don't necessarily mean absolutely nothing unless that's the nothing you choose for the moment, because that's ok too. But rather, I'm speaking of taking some downtime for yourself and/or your household. Putting yourself in a whole new mental zone or environment.  It may just entail curling up with a good book. It may be popping some popcorn and watching a favored movie.  It may be taking a long hot bath behind a locked door with candles and aromatherapy. Ahhhh!!! Remember to put the "Do Not Disturb sign out". When we stop for a minute and bring our pace to a halt, it refreshes us.  Doing nothing for a time helps us to continue to thrive. It clears our head and we can even make more sound decisions. Over a long period of time we can see and feel the benefits of doing nothing at times.  It's good heart health, it even lowers our blood pressure. It makes relaxing and sleep come a lot easier, in fact it encourages it. It's a stress reliever. Stress is noted to be a killer. Extraordinary people, we have come a long way. In order to continue on this journey having our fullest potential, good balance is needed. Doing nothing from time to time will help us find that balance. So never feel guilty about taking some time off from certain specific duties.  You owe it to yourself. This makes you even better at what it is you do continually. It will help you maintain your joy while having to do it. Something that makes so much sense and  famous quote I'd like to share with you is this: " The whole point of getting things done, Is knowing what to leave undone." There is a time for everything, this includes doing nothing. So develop the art of doing nothing and experience the real pleasure it will bring to you. I have.