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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Judge Not!

Judge not want not! That's how the saying goes.  A fine moral principal. And a swell piece of advice, I might add. Judging others often is just simply what people do in general. We judge something or someone nearly everyday of our lives. Actually, it's human nature.  A nature tho we must fight against to a definite degree. Unless we have been put in the position of judge. That makes the difference. Life has taught me  that you don't win friends by judging others. In reality, it can often destroy relationships. If we are looking to win in life with others, we need to be careful in this area. Depending on the situation, sometimes it's a perfectly a good thing to do, again, IF you have been  appointed judge. And then it just turns into an opinion or thought, so it's like a guess. It doesn't necessary have to be the truth or accurate. Judging is more than a black and white area, there are many shades of grey. When we pass judgment on others is when it can become a grey area. It puts us in the area of determining them right or wrong. People like to decide for themselves what;'s right or wrong. It's an evaluation that we may or may not be entitled to give. And if it's not gonna change our lives, why bother? This can cause a problem, stress, break-ups and more. As extraordinary people, we want to be as stress free as possible. Did you know that being  judgmental also makes us a critic? And when you think of the word critic, it typically means one who finds fault or complains in most cases. There's not a human alive or at least I've yet to meet that one who  will readily accept a negative comment or accept the blame about himself without defending himself. That's human nature. It is automatically rejected. Daily I myself fight this tendency, because again it's human nature to judge. But  I still find it futile and completely ineffective to judge others. If we gain a reputation of sorts of being  this way, it wont draw others to us. If it's not our prerogative to determine if something or someone  is good or bad, it's better not to make ourselves the judge of it.   I think people better appreciate us for not doing so. Like my mother always used to say " respect the differences" and she was so right.  I really had a hard time with that in the beginning. Especially growing up in the household with my siblings. But life has made me so much a better person with that.  And I am grateful, it is true as you live , you learn and better late than never. If it's later, it just affords us the opportunity to look back with clear hindsight and see the lesson that needed to be taught the one we may have missed. After all hindsight is 20/20. So my extraordinary friends, Judge Not, Want Not.  I think we will all be better appreciated for it!!