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Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hobbies, remember when they were really popular? It seems that everyone had one or always in the process of picking a new one.  Where I grew up there were hobby shops. Always kinda neat to visit. These shops stayed busy. They had such interesting things in there to and to see. And if something was not your interest or hobby, it made it seem worth while to consider  taking it on. Kite flying, gardening,scrapping, ceramics, stamping, train collecting you name it countless things to consider. Frankly, inside the hobby shops, my hobby was just looking at all of it, I enjoyed it and it relaxed me. But then there were other hobbies outside the shop, the physical hobbies. Even tho my mom had to do it for a large family certainly not her hobby, but cooking some took on cooking lessons as a hobby, (it wouldn't be mine either)some type of dancing(a really good one), collecting, golfing, bowling, singing, biking, mine and my sister's as young girls was roller skating. Growing up on the east coast, it was in rain snow sleet or hail, rollerskating could not be missed.  And a pleasure it was! Exciting, kept us thin and active and something to look forward too each week.  But why do I bring up hobby or its plural hobbies, cause you can have more than one. Purely as a reminder. The definition of hobby is: A pursuit outside of ones regular occupation. Even more appropriate meaning would be a pleasure pursuit outside of ones regular occupation.  Yes very different from one's regular job or occupation, even tho many enjoy their jobs. The reason I bring it up is because we live in very stressful times. There's lots of pressures on families, marriages, folks in general. We should even encouragement our young to take on a worthwhile (safe) hobby. There is plenty of time spent worrying about things, doing busy work etc. Very few people have anything that they eagerly anticipate doing or an activity they get involved in each week in  pleasure seeking way. To have a hobby could have so many healthy benefits. As extraordinary people it would keep us that way. Refreshed and most likely relaxed often. In a good frame of mind. A good hobby would bring down our stress level, bring us closer to our children, our mates or others. We could always do hobbies together. It would add new and interesting associates in our life. Find a new love in a person place or thing. Relieve us of a lot of stress, (I said that twice because it's so true). Give us something more worthwhile to do and look forward too. Keep our minds and bodies active. A new hobby could open so many new doors.  What former hobbies have you had? Can you return to that one or try something new?  Hobby's are worth maintaining and should never be let go. Why not pick a new one up or at least try an old former one? You'll be so glad you did. Here is a little encouragement  for all times: Pray when you feel like worrying, Give thanks when you feel like complaining, Keep going when you feel like quitting!! And with your new hobby to look forward too, there will be no time left for any such negative pursuit!!