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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Public Opinions!

Public Opinions, do they really matter? How much of an impact on your life could they really hold if any? How close are public opinions and our reputations? I tend to think that our reputation is pretty much tantamount to the public opinion others hold about us, whatever it may be.  Whats yours on any given subject? I'm gonna tell you what I think and this is purely my very own opinion. Yes, one That I'm making very public through this blog. It depends on what it is being discussed and  where and if  we are concerned. It it gonna change our life? Because when it comes to certain choices that are ours to make and it's our prerogative, to me  it doesn't matter what the public thinks. When we live our lives in a law abiding way, public opinion becomes nothing more then a personal opinion held by many who is not even in a position to pass their opinion. And if they choose to do so, It's not important.  Every one is entitled to his or her own opinion. that's why we each have our own.  There are certain things about our lives that are public and of course there is the private sector.  Kept in their rightful place we should not encounter a problem. It's only when we start making public what should be kept private. Now when we take into consideration a celebrity involved in a law breaking activity that becomes public knowledge, then public opinion will become something you will need to worry about. It will affect his or her life emphatically and rightfully so. It can destroy, make or break you. If you are well known and held in high esteem by the public in general, than it can really matter. Especially if public opinions changes and makes you appear in opposite of the way you have been viewed by the public. So in my opinion, public opinions matter to any who have made the private sector of their life public in a small circle or larger one if you are famous. The definition of opinion is : a view, judgement or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter or person. A view formed in the mind. That means it's possible that it may not be true, but then again it may be truth. Life is so much simpler when we choose not to be judging others. We certainly don't want others to judge us. So in a nutshell if we want to gain good friend and keep them, then we should keep our personal opinions to our self. Just saying!!!