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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Saying Thank You!!

Thank You, a common expression  used when someone has complemented us or done us a kindness in some way. It's also two of the first words we were taught as young children to say. As well as the two words we taught our young to say. A very important expression and two of the most powerful words in the English language. It also warms the heart of the listener, motivates him to smile and a follow up comment of "you're welcome." These two words we have also used our whole life as a reply. They even build our self esteem, when we thank some one or some else thanks us. Truly a feel good expression. But as extraordinary people, can we change the natural trend? After all we are the trendsetters. I've learned that saying "you're welcome "is not the best response to the words "Thank You". Not the most positive.  Not the best words? What words could be better or more positive than that? Well think about it. I know when said "Thank You" that is, it communicates genuine warmth and appreciation among all of us. And we all like to be  or feel appreciated, don't we? But again,what could be better then saying "You're Welcome?" Well how about with the same, a resounding "Thank You!" After all, unlike I love You which is reserved for close friends and family where as Thank You is for every one. It will have a positive as well as pleasing affect on all who is in line to receive one. My mother practiced this. She was quick to return the same with an added compliment and thus the gratitude was endless. When you return a Thank You for a Thank You it sets the stage for a warmer interchange between others and its your way of expressing your appreciation for the greeting you received. This will open the way for many other positive expressions that encourage and build up. It evens out the plane, whereas You're Welcome ends the gratitude and Thank You the gratitude continues to grow. For instance if someone says you" Good Day! A far more positive response would be " Thank You, and good day to you too!!" This leaves both parties feeling grateful for the kind expression extended to each one. And gratitude leads to joy. Joy to happiness. Yes returning a Thank You with a Thank you will have a strong influence in our lives as well as others. So far better than the two words You're Welcome, practice exchanging it with another Thank You! Each receiver will be ever so thankful you did! Thank You, I really appreciate all my readers as well as followers. Have a pleasant day!!