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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Being Numero Uno!!

Being numero uno is something we all wanted  to be as children. Back then we suffered with always wanting to be first, it was a kid thing. It didn't matter whether it was in line for a drink at the fountain, in the car, to get the treat, or playing a game etc. We always headed for that first place. And if it wasn't a place, we then would yell"I'm first, I called it!" Remember?! It was always that same person who would remember to call firsties. Then the next kid would yell "Second". With these traits present our parents began to teach us to  stand back a little, let others go in ahead. Give the other person a chance to go first this time.  Regrettably so, we may have done it. They knew how important it was to teach us the principal of yielding or humility. Probably one of the more difficult lessons for me to learn as I grew. But the thing of it is, as children we didn't know any better. The thing we always wanted to be first at was the least important things in life. Being first then was just a temporary happiness till the next little thing came along. So teaching this principal to our young is a good thing. It will teach them patience and that gratification is not always instant but  sometimes comes after a great deal of time and waiting. As we live, we learn that balance is needed in this area. Being first tho, does carry its own importance depending on what it is we are trying to be first at. And sometimes it's even very necessary. I think as we got older we learned and began to live this trait too well.  But now it is no longer the juvenile things but rather the more important things. When it comes to people in our lives, jobs, family, friends etc., we yield to the numero uno and let them pass on in front of us while we put off our personal needs and desires. This becomes a habit and we don't realize that it can cause us unconsciously  some  psychological  grief.  It can be the very thing that's bringing us down and we are not even aware. We are no longer children and dealing with issues of trivial matters. But again putting others and their needs ahead of us is a good and noteworthy thing. But only at the proper time. We just need to know where to draw the line, where the true balance lies. The time when numero uno is not and should not  be overlooked. Allowing our selves to be numero uno at the times that really count and matter to us. It  is also  vital to loving ourselves and keeping up in good self esteem. My mother used to say " I cant take good care of you if I don't take good care of me."Now I understand it. That was her way of showing  her me first attitude, which was good for her best interest, which was us as her children. On an airplane ridefor instance, the safety instructions is always to meet your need first when it comes to oxygen then help your child. If we don't follow this advice, our very life could depend on it. These are a few times certainly in life when being number one is of the utmost importance. We all have different circumstances in our lives and all require different times of needs. We need to be aware of when we need to take the first place and do it. As extraordinary people, and for the sake of survival of the fittest,  let us never forget those times when Being "Numero Uno " is  the number one thing to do!!!