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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Being Generous Extraordinary People

Being generous, by now if we have been reasonably productive in our lives, we have acquired many things. Not only materially but also in other ways such as mentally. We have been so enlightened on life itself.  We truly now know whats important. When you hear the word generous people tend to think right away of  sharing a material asset. But this is not always the fullest and truest definition of generosity.  By the time we become over fifty and extraordinary we have a wealth of others things or at least access to other things. Such as what, you may ask? Well it could be knowledge or time or space and more. Depending on where life has taken you top the place you are now. Generosity can be covered in a lot of areas of our life. As mentors of our young,we can show them that generosity covers every vital energy. Such as showing kindness and concern to others when it comes to forgiving. Can we forgive more?  A listening empathetic ear. Can we listen more? We have so much to offer others as extraordinary people. It can all come from a chair we are sitting in. We don't have to move around to be generous. It can come in the form of time and energy given to others but sometimes not. Sometimes its just connecting from heart to heart. Sharing what we know that can be of benefit to others. We truly are extraordinary in every sense of the word. We have so much to give. A great legacy for our young and not just ours but any who shall cross our path. Let's continue to give, not till it hurts but till it feels better and better. Our young will thank us in so many ways for so long. It will make us happy. Happiness keeps us thriving. May our generosity expand above and beyond the call of duty!