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Friday, April 17, 2015

Looking Back

Looking back, how beneficial is it for us to look back? I think its human nature to look back or reflect on the past. And in most case's we seem to feel that the past was always better for some reason. When I look back I always remember that the past was at one time  the present then I try to remember if I could how I felt at the moment.  In most cases it's the same as I do now.  What do we learn from reflecting on the  past? The slightest benefit we can derive from reflecting on the past is only  if we learn  something from it and we now make different choices for the better. In reality, then is no better than now when it comes to making wise decisions and mentoring our young to do the same! That should be our only motive for reflecting back. Pondering on things learned in life is not a bad thing. Not bad as long as they are positive. Otherwise we are a prisoner in our mind to yesterday and this can prevent us from moving forward. Life is a forward moving process. Living well and being happy is and has always been our primary motive. And doesn't that go for our past, present and future?  You can never go back and do the things you wish you had done. Bringing back your yesterday is impossible, it's gone. Yes that's right, forward moving and no back tracking. Enjoy the gift of the present now. We need to act, do and say the things we know we should have done yesterday. We now know what they are.  Live life without regrets. Say I Love You today, apologize, spend quality time, forgive, forget, love God now and have a wonderful day! And going forward when you look back at this day you will smile!