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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


One is a lonely number. To be in good company is a wonderful thing. People with others in their life to love promotes longevity.  My extraordinary friends, unfortunately, for a lot of us over fifty we find ourselves alone.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, whether  we are divorced or have been widowed abandoned etc.. After having spent a lifetime with someone we may be plagued with the decision to remarry or find suitable companionship. This is a tough decision, as others we love may be affected by the choice we make. Tough or not it is a personal decision . We cannot deprive oneself of our god given right. We cannot always expect others to fulfill us, we must fulfill our self.  But for the sake of our own happiness we must make a wise choice. Choosing a companion that will be beneficial to us will come easier if we apply the lessons life has taught us. Now that  we have reached the age of  extraordinary wisdom and knowledge, making good choices will come easier. It's not good for the man to continue by himself . I will make a helper for him so says the bible. Why? To complete him it goes on to say. It's normal and part of our natural makeup to want to be with someone. So my dear friends, if any of you are struggling with this decision, think of your own personal needs and not what others need of you. At this age of your life, you no doubt have made a lot of personal sacrifices for others.  Its time to put your needs first place in your life.  The decision should be what makes you happy. Not that you should not take others into consideration but your feelings should be primary.  I know in particular, adult children with widowed parents after many years of marriage to the same mate have a difficult time accepting a new love interest in the life of their parent. This is selfish. So talk to your family member, let them know how you feel. Ask for their acceptance and understanding. But at the same time follow your heart with courage and confidence. Bring back the joy you can have with a companion. Or should it be your choice to remain alone, let it be just that, your own choice.  It doesn't mean that you wont be happy, your contentment may be found in the gift of singleness.  So choose what's suits you best in your own time table. Be  not judged by others. Life is for the living, enjoy it!