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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Giving of Advice

Advice, something we all need. Circumstances change inevitably as we age. We can all probably recall the time when advice was hard to take. Some of us had to learn the hard way. My mother used to say, some would go thru  the school of hard knocks. Yes the recommendations of the oldie's was not favorably heard. No matter how old we get, this counsel is always gonna be called upon to a certain degree. So we will look to others whom we feel are adequately qualified to hand it over to us even now. But on the extraordinary end, we tend to seek advice less and less after all we have lived long enough to know how to pursue a better course of action. Life has trained us to know better.  We have arrived at the age where we have become qualified to be  giver's of advice.  And we are now the counselors.  The recommendations for a certain course of action now lay in our hand. We can do this because we have been there and done that. Whats the lighter side of this? Well it's a privilege to grow older, not everyone does it. Oliver Wendell Holmes once said and I quote" The young man knows the rules, but its the old one that knows the exceptions to the rule." So my extraordinary friends, lets give advice to the young and live by the advice we teach them.  Besides we find it enjoyable to give good advice because now we can no longer set the example. It's true as we live we  learn but  we will continue to learn as we have the privilege to keep living.  Be among the best of adviser's.  The best is yet  to be.