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Monday, April 13, 2015

Now That I'm Fifty!!

Hello my extraordinary friends. Hope this day finds you doing well! I'd like to share a lil poem I wrote and entered into a contest. Let me know if you can relate to it. Please share, it's called:
                                       Now That I'm Fifty

Now that I'm fifty and my hair's turning gray
My thinking has changed in acceptable ways.

I used to think fifty was nearing the end
Now I'm thinking fifty is where you begin.

When I was sixteen fifty seemed a hundred years away
Now that I'm fifty, sixteen seems but as yesterday

No longer do I look at people of fifty as old
Cuz Im looking pretty good for fifty I'm told

Age they say is a state of mind that you're in
So it seems every state of the union I've been
And now that I'm done I'd like to do them again!

But life teaches us many things as we age
Things we cant find in books at the turn of a page
And now its the performance of us that they gage

They say looking back and hindsight is twenty twenty
No truer words spoken cause back then I could see plenty!

So over fifty and extraordinary I'd rather like to think
Cause I know tomorrow fifty will seem but a blink!!

At sixteen my thinking was always kinda wifty
Now I'm thinking I'm just nifty after fifty!!!

What do you think??!
Just a lil something I wanted to share. Hope you find it amusing!!!